South Carolina State Cosmetologist Association (SCSCA)

South Carolina State Cosmetologist Association

 Celebrating 81 Years..............

  Our President   Dr. Cindy Collins

                   South Carolina State

Cosmetologist Association,



Our purpose to promote the professional beauty industry:


  • to encourage mutual support and cooperation among members of our profession
  • to train in all fields and phases of the beauty industry by providing continuing education for advancement
  • and to enhance, promote and protect the business opportunities of our members


    The South Carolina State Cosmetologist                        Association  will celebrate




    Our National Beauty Culturists' League Inc. President, Dr. Katie B. Catalon stated it best, “Our Pioneers planted the seeds, and we shall nourish them with integrity”, I echo this sentiment. You can contact NBCL, Inc at


     I look forward to seeing everyone this year.  Hope everyone has had a blessed and safe year. 




Dr. Cindy Collins, DPC




   State Officers                                               Regional Directors

 Dr. John Scott, State 1st Vice-President

 Dr. Zoraida Harley, State 2nd Vice-President

 Ms. Loretta Way, State Recording Secretary

 Dr. Gloria Solomon, State Financial Secretary

 Ms. Dollie Swinton, State Treasurer

 Rev. Dr. Hattie M. B. Rambert, State Chaplin

 Dr. Annie Cooper, State Statistician

 Dr. Ella Ruth Curry, State Historian

 Rev. Dr. Hattie M. B. Rambert, Acting  Parliamentarian 



 Rev. Dr. Hattie M. B. Rambert, Region 1 Director

 Dr. Anna Hodges, Region 2 Director

 Dr. Vera Foote, Region 3 Director

 Dr. Gloria Soloman, Region 4 Director

 Dr. Helen Hampton, Region 5 Director

 Dr. Gladys Wood, Region 6 Director/Supervisor

 Ms. Kimberly Graham, Region 7 Acting Director

 Ms. Mary Gary, Region 8 Director

 Ms. Brenda Moore, Region 9 Director

 Vancant, Region 10 Director

 Vancant, Region 11 Director 

 Dr. Doris Lynch, Region 12 Director

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