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How long have you been voice acting?
I first auditioned for a fandub way back in 2007, and I was hooked. Ever since I've been practising and participating in almost anything/everything I can to gain experience. However, I started pursuing the art seriously in 2010-2011, and continue to do so today.

Will you voice/sing in my project?
It depends on a lot of things. Unfortunately, I'm just not able to participate in every project. (Though I wish I could!) If you have a project you'd like me to participate in, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do.

What microphone/audio program do you use?
At the moment I record with an Apex 440 microphone and with a combination of Adobe Audition 3.0 and Audacity.

Can you send me the mp3 of ___?
Sorry, if there's no download link in the description I no longer have the file. If you search on google there are ways to download off YouTube though.

I saw your duet ready version of _____, can I use it?
Yes, that's what they're there for! C: Just please send me a link if you upload it!

Why do you use a free web hosting service instead of your own domain?
At the moment my budget is extremely limited, and I'm just not able to pay for a domain. Plus freewebs works well enough for me that I do not feel the need at the moment to pay for a URL. One of the main features with many paid services is fancy layouts, but I prefer to make my own layouts from scratch anyway.

Still have a question? Contact me & ask!