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Name: Sayuri Maebara / pickle131 / Tina Kim
Languages: English / French / some Japanese
Favourite anime: Monster Rancher / Zatch Bell! / Shiki
Favourite manga: Skip!Beat
Favourite drama: My boss, My Hero
Microphone: Apex 440
Audio programs: Adobe Audition 3.0 / Audacity / Reaper
Video program: Windows Movie Maker / Sony Movie Studio HD
Favourite composer: Joe Hisaishi / Yuki Kajiura
Favourite singer: Yura Hatsuki / Yousei Teikoku / Kalafina

I love to sing, especially in Japanese though I sing in English sometimes too. I strongly believe everyone should find something they love to do and pursue it endlessly, whether that something is a job or a hobby. Being painfully shy, I never really expected myself to get into acting or singing, as the thought of either used to terrify me. But eventually I stepped out of my shell a bit and gave it a try, discovering a new passion. Now, I can't think of anything I enjoy more than singing or acting, especially voice acting.

Through voice acting you can literally become anything you want. Doesn't matter what you look like, unlike the film industry. You learn to change your voice, to become different things. Eventually, you reach a point where instead of just "making voices" you literally feel a shift in your energy and almost feel yourself become this new character while you're acting. In the past few years I've finally been able to experience this point, and there really is nothing else like it. Anyone out there who may be reading this and wants to voice act themselves, keep on practicing. While copying existing characters may be good for expanding your range or learning to control your voice, I challenge you to come up with original characters. You'll be surprised how fun it can be to bring them to life.