Campaign against the levels motorway

Take Action

The Welsh Government has made an terrible decision, but this is just the beginning of the campaign!

You can still take action to persuade decision makers to re-think plans to build a new motorway

- Contact your regional and constituency Assembly Members and tell them about your concerns (find out who your local representatives are here)

- Tweet @WelshGovernment with your thoughts on the draft plans to build a new motorway

- Sign the 38 Degrees petition

We can only persuade decision-makers to re-think their plans to build a new motorway across the Gwent Levels with your support - CALM urgently needs donations to fund our campaigning work

Send donations made out to CALM, to Campaign Against the Levels Motorway c/o Gwent Wildlife Trust, Seddon House, Dingestow, Monmouth NP7 OBN

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