Campaign against the levels motorway

Iolo Backs CALM Campaign

Iolo Williams spoke out against the Welsh Government plans to build a new road across the Gwent Levels and publicly backed the CALM campaign earlier this year. At an event hosted by RSPB Newport Wetlands Visitor Centre Iolo spoke to over 100 CALM supporters, urging them to take action.

The TV Naturalist is concerned that a new motorway would destroy this unique area for wildlife. He spoke passionately at the CALM event in November describing his experiences of the wildlife on the Gwent Levels, including Bittern, Watervole, Avocet and Lapwing. He described the plans for a motorway as "a real folly, because it is not needed" and said "a new motorway would open the flood gates to more development."

You can watch Iolo Williams' heartfelt plea to save the Gwent Levels here