Campaign against the levels motorway

Motorway? No Way!

The Welsh Government have adopted a plan to build a new motorway south of Newport. A new motorway will cost more than 1.2 billion of taxpayers money, cut across five nationally important sites for wildlife and will not be completed until 2031.

CALM believes the road is not needed. We continue to champion clever, sustainable transport options to address congestion and resilience problems on the M4 around Newport. BUT if a road is inevitable, CALM believes that Professor Cole's Blue Route provides a cost-effective alternative, with far less economic and environmental impacts.

We can only persuade decision-makers to re-think their plans to build a new motorway across the Gwent Levels with your support.

#NoNewM4! Show your opposition!

The Public Local Inquiry into the M4 Black Route starts on Tuesday 28th February, at the Lysaght Institute, Orb Drive, Newport, NP19 0HE, starting promptly at 10.00am. Come and show your opposition!

Local residents & campaigners are meeting from 8.30 outside the Lysaght Institute. Together (space permitting!) we shall go into the Inquiry at 9.45am, for the 10am start of the Inquiry. Please join us to stand up for the Gwent Levels, its wildlife, sense of place and its contribution to so many livelihoods, and to oppose a new motorway which would encourage traffic and contribute to global warming. There are so many alternative ways that Wales can spend the cost of the New M4 Black Route (estimated at 1.5 billion and rising) to secure sustainable transport and economic benefit for Wales without destroying our precious environment.