Campaign against the levels motorway

Why a new motorway?

The Welsh Government is determined to build a new motorway, but it has not yet proved to the people of Wales that the road is needed. CALM believes the road is not needed. We continue to champion clever, sustainable transport options to address congestion and resilience problems on the M4 around Newport. BUT if a road is inevitable, CALM believes that Professor Cole's "Blue Route" provides a cost-effective alternative, with far less economic and environmental impacts.

A Billion Pound Burden

Every penny is vital to kick-starting the Welsh economy again. The planned Relief Road will cost an estimated 1.25 billion. Around FOUR TIMES the viable alternative option. That's a lot of your money - about 400 for every woman, man and child in Wales. Instead let's back the Blue Route, save cash and do better for Newport and Wales by prioritising practical, cheaper and less damaging solutions.

Making Sure we Maximise Jobs for South East Wales

CALM supports the current Welsh Government's Business Ministers dynamic lead on job creation, but cannot find ANY evidence that the new road will be a major provider of jobs to Wales. In fact, existing businesses in Newport may be forced to lose jobs. Lets have full details of exactly how many jobs would be created, and their cost per head. We would like the public to decide.

Newport- Wales Sustainability City?

CALM fears the planned new motorway will encourage the commercial world to drive right past Newport's offer, to get to other, busier business centres. Its time for a rethink over regional economic development. Lets make Newport Wales Sustainability City, where innovation, invention and initiative combine, valuing our natural environment, supporting community smart growth and lead the way with clean work and play.

The Gwent Levels - A Unique Environment Under Threat

The Gwent levels are nationally and internationally important. To justify the planned new motorway, CALM believes the Welsh Government is prepared to rip the heart out of the Gwent Levels, rip up its own laudable commitment to both environmental protection and sustainable development- and fuel climate change. A motorway through this unique and irreplaceable area will result in damage to biodiversity, agriculture, small businesses, recreation and local tourism, and is likely to open the doors to more development proposals in this specially protected area