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Amy and Me

Posted by Susannah on May 6, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Amy's school year were going away for four days at Osmington Bay PGL (A place for schools by the sea) The only way Amy could go was if I went with her? So not wanting to stay at the PGL place (bunk beds and Ging Gang Goolies are not for me) LOL So I found a nice hotel about a ten minutes drive away. Its Art Deco and a little worn around the edges but the room has been recently decorated and the restaurant is nice, food not bad and breakfast very good value at only £5 ($7.50). We arrived a day early so that Amy could get aquatinted with the place and as her school group was not arriving until late afternoon we had our arrival day and most of the next day to do our own thing. 

Once we had settled in we went down to the beach the weather was good for a change and as it was a bank holiday the place was heaving, we found a cafe and had an OK lunch. Then after a short walk we went back to the hotel for a swim in the indoor pool. Then on to dinner Amy was going on for ice-cream but I was falling asleep in my dinner so it was back to the room and we were both asleep in minutes. 

After breakfast on Tuesday we took a taxi into Weymouth and had a wander around. But by now the weather has started to change with cold gail force winds. Still we managed to have a look at the pretty seaport and did a bit of shopping. I slipped up somehow and brought gift for family (Sophie's birthday is on Saturday) and nothing for me!!!!

Then later in the afternoon I took Amy to PGL to meet up with her school friends. I then went back to the hotel for a few hours me time (read newspaper and watched TV) Collecting her at 8:30. 

Wednesday Amy was up at 6am even though we did not need to be at PGL until 7:30am. Once I had handed her over I had 13 hours to myself. THIRTEEN HOURS!!!! What am I going to do? I'm away from home so no washing or housework! No decorating or doll room play! So read newspaper walked on the beach in the gals and now I'm tippy tapping on my lap top! TV is pretty boring as it's all election this election that I will be so happy when it's all over and normal TV is resumed. Amy had a wonderful day even managed to fire an arrow towards the target and did not kill anyone!

Thursday was another full day for Amy with me wandering the beach and hotel. I can't get WEBS to work right with Safari but managed to servive!!! Read a book called Rainbow Bridge about a lady and her cats. I found all mine amongset her mix of moggies. I went dwn to the beach and found some interesting rocks I also took a doll with me and had a little photo shoot.Amy had a disco in the evening and by the time I collected her she was dead on her feet.

On Friday I let her sleep in until 9 o'lock then we got dressed and had breakfast. After that I finished the packing and as the weather was now nice we went for a walk on the beach. We found some more interesting stones and then it was time to head home. We made good time and arrived home mid afternoon. Mum cooked dinner for us so now I just have to work my way through a huge pile of washing. My back is killing me big time I have so overdone the decorating. I don't think it helped that I had such a lot of driving to do and the bed was very soft. I like a firm mattress. 


RIP Daisy May

Posted by Susannah on March 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

My daughter Sophie's cat Daisy May was put to sleep on Saturday after a short illness, she had cancer and had gone blind due to high blood pressure. It was her time but I still feel a little guilty that I had to make this decision. 

It was also the boys Perri and Jordan's first birthday and I had a card and a cake for them. I thought it might be a distraction (it was). No, I do not as a rule buy cards and cakes for cats but I had the card with a one on it ...and no one to give it to. The cake was a very fun Easter cake that I needed an excuse to buy LOL. 

Sunday it stormed almost all day with garden furniture flying around and a couple of brakeges. In-between the storms we burried Daisy, mum managed to get poop on her shoe that she trod into my mat!

On the Saturday my parents came for dinner and as a treat mum made chips (fries) using her fryer. When they went home it was still warm so 'someone' put it on the floor in the dining room. When they visited on Sunday they forgot to collect it so.... Yes, I'm sure you have an idea what happened.... Amy moved it as it was in front of the cupboard where the place mats are kept when laying the table and did not realise it had tipped over. Chip fat all over the floor! As I was cooking when Amy said the floor was wet (and I thought it was water/steam from the fryer I asked Sophie to mop it up. She moved it and after a while informed me it was chip oil!!! I went nuts not one but two lovely greasy oil slicks running across my dining room floor. Telling Sophie to open the back door I ran the fryer and bag of chip oil out into the back garden. At sometime I phoned my parents and dad arrived to help clean up. We mopped up what we could in the dining room and I covered with newspaper. (so far the cats have not used the paper as a toilet). 

Next I turned my attention to the chip fryer sitting in a bag of oil. I'm not sure if it can be saved? Maybe? The plug looks like it's sealed but not sure about oil in the base? I do now have a lovely stain on my patio though!

The floor in the dining room might have survived if it was still down but I removed it last week ready for decorating... yes, I'm at it again! That was another drama when we removed the flooring there was a big mouldy patch. I had to call in a surveyor but he said it was nothing, maybe something had happened some time ago but had dried out now. I hope he is right?

So I'm decorating the dining room while finishing the hall and landing. Them I need to get the living room done before the new sofa arrives! In-between I'm still working on my doll room. I have been building wardrobes.

Check out my BLOG.

Spring has sprung...

Posted by Susannah on March 11, 2015 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

At least for today it's spring.... by this evening who knows? LOL I have been very busy (hence no time to post in my BLOG) After some time with both girls playing up things are a little more settled Amy has stopped sitting under the desk at school and has started talking to her teachers again???? Sophie has stopped talking to to bullies at college and after some police intervention things are more settled for her. So now I don't need to get quite so stressed out by them I have a little more time for me and my dolls and my home, oh and the cats! So where to start?

Well for me I got a cold in November that left me with a cough that has STILL not gone but I feel OK apart for the cough that is slowly going (I think?)

The cats? Wellllll I'll start at the top and work through.

Godfrey he is fine and gets along with all the cats. LOVES Ashley and they snuggle together a lot.

Gezabelle still as mad as a hatter (not in a funny way) I can no longer let her out as she gets into fights and I think she must be allergic to cat bits as every time she gets big souse and lumps = trip to vet= ££££. She is now on medication in the hope of calming her down and we have Feliway in every room. Through the winter it's been very difficult with the other cats in the house as well. Gez has spent most of her time in Sophie's bedroom only able to come out when I have locked the other cats away. We sort of worked on a traffic light system.

Twins Anibelle and Izabelle they have spent a lot of time either outside or in my bedroom. They are fine with The God but fight with Gez. Not bad with the boys but frightened of Ashley. I call them the ferrules as it's so hard to get them in.

Ashley well she still looks pregnant and I think all those years of being pregnant (the vet thinks she is about eight?) Her nickname is Buda mama! As I said before she loooooves God puts up with the boys, a bit like most mothers of teenage boys. Not fond of Izi and Ani and as to Gez... well I have still to properly introduce them!

That leaves the boys who will be a year old in a couple of weeks. What can I say? Perri and Jordan are pretty much like any teenage boys A PAIN IN THE BUM! But loving and funny too! So I will let them off. They are OK with everyone although I would not leave them in a room with Gez as she can't be trusted.

Pleased to say six out of seven cats will now play in the garden together without trying to kill each other!!! (There six cats in the photo can you find them?)

Home... I finally after three years of looking have found a sofa I like (and can afford) it's BIBA and I'm getting it in grey with lilac cushions.

This is the beige mine will be grey but I cat find a photo of the grey one.

This means that it does not match the rest of the living room so the decorating head has been put on. While I'm doing this I decided I would also fix the things in the hall still awaiting finishing off... oh and new doors upstairs. The dining room needs redecorating too, I brought the wallpaper last year on holiday (as you do). All this because I brought a new sofa due in about six weeks.

BUT FIRST I need to clear some space to store everything from the rooms I want to decorate!!! I need to clear out some space in the study. OK, simple? NOOOOOT! I had a pile of foam-core boards awaiting turning into wardrobes and storage. A load of bags full of doll clothes awaiting said wardrobes and storage units. So I had to get making these up first. Now I have run out of hangers so I'm awaiting more.

In the doll room I wanted to change an area around to give the rooms more light and before I forget my plains (stored in my head) So I moved the doll room around THEN I had room for (some) of the wardrobes and storage units.

So the doll room has been moved around and the units built and clothes are hanging on the rails. Shoes are on the shelves.

There are a lot more racks stored behind. I have more hangers on order and I will be ordering some made to size plexi glass and magnets to put on the front of the shoe units.

I just need to hem three pairs of trousers (mine) and shorten the straps on a dress for Sophie (some have been sitting there for two years) and I will ready to start clearing the dining room and living room ready for decorating.

If you want to see how to make simple wardrobes and storage units LINK TO MY BLOG

Oh, only day out since Christmas has been a shopping trip at half term to Lakeside Shopping Centre where I brought the sofa!

A just because picture of my cat taken today. Both sets of twins Izi and Ani, Jordan and Perri.

End of year ramblings...

Posted by Susannah on December 22, 2014 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (2)

So this is it the end of another year boy what a year it's been and the end I'm happy to see, but the next year starts with apprehension. It's been a busy year not by any means the year I planned. The world and life got in my way waaaaay to much.

Last year was my mothers 80th birthday in August, my parents 60th wedding anniversary in July. A change of school for Amy meant a lot of school visits and hospital check ups. Sophie started a college course in catering and again lots of visits were required.

I fostered a pregnant cat way back in February, the idea was we would look after her and her kittens and then they would return to the cat sanctuary and find their forever homes. Those that follow my fostering blog will know that we ended up keeping Turblow (named after the snail in Turbow but Amy could not say Turbow so hence TurbLow) Turblow is now called Ashley Banjo. She had three kittens but the third did not make it, we called them Inky, Pinky and Parleevu. Inky and Pinky are now Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely named after the Diversity dance crew. I did manage to give up the boys for ....two hours! LOL Then we went and collected them.

and my other cats...



Annibelle (Izzy in the background)


For mum and dads anniversary we stayed in London for the weekend and had a wonderful time

so much so we returned for mum's birthday and had a second great weekend.

As the law has changed and you can no longer go on vacation when you want but when the schools are on holiday (and the price of holidays sky rocket.) We had a week in Cornwall. Naturally we chose a week when it rained! Sophie had an accident and tipped boiling hot water down her arm and torso. No rest for us but I must say that I give a thumbs up to Liskeard Hospital they are wonderful!

Oh, and in August we had a weekend in Brighton to see The Saturdays (a girl band).

At the beginning of December we had another weekend in Brighton when we went to see Diversity plus as a Christmas treat I got backstage passes so the girls could meet Diversity. We gave Ashley, Perri and Jordan pictures of the cats named after them. Amy well I had NEVER seen her so excited to meet Perri (She wants to be Perri when she grows up). Sophie was OK until it came to meeting Ashley then she went all girly it was very funny but the guys made everyone feel very comfortable and relaxed. They even made a point of chatting with my mum, they are genuinely nice guys.

We did some Christmas shopping too, mum brought me the most beautiful ring and I got some great little gifts for the family.

I also brought the most funky kettle as mine broke the week before.

Oh, and a bag... no not a bag a work of art!

Got a lot to show you

Posted by Susannah on November 3, 2014 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (1)

I tried to post some stuff last week but silly WEBS was having a funny turn and so I had to leave it. Now I have loads to show but not sure if I will remember it all now? LOL

These benches are by Fil and match the bed and wardrobe from last year.

A wonderful goodie box came a couple of weeks ago from Dawn.

It included this bed in a box.

Last week was half term so I had both the girls home alllll week!!!!

We went to IKEA

And some supermarket shopping

This set was on sale and I think this will be good for diorama parts

Poor stiffy dolls if they are going to live with he they will need a body swap!

We also visited a local garden centre called Van Hages but will post the pictures in another post as I have (more than) a few pictures!


Posted by Susannah on October 12, 2014 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Going to start with cats for this BLOG! Dang critters are driving me a little nuts (yes, I know if your gonna have seven cats who can you blame?) So Godfrey has been a good boy and up until last night was mixing well with Ashley and the boys (Perri and Jordan) I say up until last night when Jordan jumped up on the table when we were eating dinner my mum shouted at him and he did poor Godfrey. OK, BUT Ashley must have thought it was Godfrey who upset her precious boy and she went for him all fang (she only have the one) and hedgehog look!!!! Poor Godfrey I had to chase them down and retrieve him. He spent the rest of the evening attached to my leg!

This is Jordan checking Godfrey out BEFORE the 'incident'


My baby Perri who is now all better after his 'reaction' to the flu jab.

Gezabelle is a another one with problems. A month or so ago she went missing and I eventually found her on a neighbours shed roof. She fell of and I had to go to another neighbours house to search for her in their garden. I found her in the end and she had a bad leg so it was a rush to the vets and a £300 plus bill. Anyway she recovered and after a week I let her start going out again. This was when I noticed all was not well between her and the baby Bell's Izzabelle and Anibelle.... in fact it was mayhem and poor Gez started to stay away for days at a time. The last week her face was all swollen and her eye closed. Another dash to the vet and more meds. She had also lost half her body weight!We nursed her back to health and fed her up and she is now fit and well... trouble is I can no longer let her out of near the other two cats. Not for that matter can I try and mix her with Ashley and the boys!!!!

What am I going to do? Well, I have Feeliway in every room in the hope everyone will chill out? Not working! I lock up one group of cats so the other group can have a run and I have a cage and cat harness.... we will see how this works out. My other option the vet suggested was to get rid of Gez!!!!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! But I do want them all to get along so I will be working hard on this!

So the baby bells Izzabelle and Anibelle. Grumpy little cows who act feral half the time! Look pretty but DO NOT TOUCH! Well, that is unless I'm on my computer when Izzi loves to freak me out by deleting stuff and moving things around (it's a touch screen computer) She turns into a major cuddle monster. When it's cold Ani likes to curl up next to me on the sofa and use my leg as a pin cushion. Then they BOTH love bed cuddles BUT only in bed! They also like to play in my doll room...

So that's it for the cats I'll post my dolls etc. in another post.

Brighton and The Saturdays

Posted by Susannah on September 27, 2014 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

OK, ENOUGH with all the life things that pop up on a daily basis I want some meeeee time!!!

Yet again I did not get the time to post any diorama updates?

I just don't get it I had a whole week to just finish a couple of things and my post would be ready, have I finished? NOOOOOO!

I have a giant Barbie bus that I'm tripping over and is stopping me from getting on I thought it would be fun to repaint and refurbish... after 18 months I'm getting sooo board with it! LOL

I got a new doll this week but not had any time for pictures and I wanted to do a photo shoot of my collection of wonderful outfits by Mary Barbato (Miniature Couture) who sadly died last week but not even had the time to FIND the outfits! *sigh* Mary was a wonderful lady and will be greatly missed by all who knew her. I had the great pleasure of meeting her in her home city of New York.

I can't even tell you what I've been doing as I don't see I've been doing anything much... well we did go to Brighton for the weekend I took the girls to see the Saturdays. Considering it's the end of September we had very good weather.

Dolls on holiday

Posted by Susannah on September 15, 2014 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I can't go on holiday (vacation) without taking a doll or two and for my holiday to Cornwall I was accompanied by two dolls

Elaine (Barbie)

Jayden (Dynamite Boy Cruz)

Yes, I always take a hotel room with me too!

The guys did a little shopping on a rainy day

Check out the spacing on the ladder rungs... could they be any better? Puuuurrrrfect for my climbing kittie.

Jayden went for a bit of a rock climb

Thank you for looking


Posted by Susannah on August 25, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Nope, not the band but the real thing!

When we were dogging rain storms in Cornwall last week I did peruse the ground under foot and noticed some real funky stones!

I remember I used to have a book about stones when I was a child so this must be some sort of leftover memory thing?

No idea what this blue thing was? But it's been smoothed by the sea.

Love the colour and texture of these.


I'm guessing the 'rusty' colour is tin as Cornwall is covered with tin mines?

What will I do with my stones? The small slate pieces will make fun....somethings in my doll world and the bigger stones? I going to build a miniature garden for them.


A Cornish Holiday (Vacation)

Posted by Susannah on August 20, 2014 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

For me a holiday should be a time to get away form 'life' ....bills, hospital visits, school stuff, housework and all THAT! Those that know me know my favourite holiday destination in Miami and the Florida Keys. BUT, the government now say we can no longer remove our children in team time as it interrupts their education? Never mind the teachers strikes and inset days they of course don't??? I'm not one for going on about politics but for this one I'm megga pissed. First off what is it that politicians these days think it's their right to say how we bring up our children? Take about a nanny state! I just want to add here that before the nanny state the children in the UK had respect for adults and society. Before 24 hour drinking young people did not think it was OK to ...well, behave as they do now! As you can no longer chastise your own child they now feel they can do what they like and now the young have no idea how to raise a child. Anyway back to holidays.

Second up if we do all go on holiday those same weeks the country would not be able to function (OK, I know it already doesn't)

Thirdly... cost, the price for a holiday doubles and in some cases triples so most families can't afford to go away (again not something money bag politicians need to worry about)

And fourthly in my case I can't go at Christmas as it would mean leaving my dad home alone (he looks after the cats) Easter maybe but that's spring break in the US so a very busy (noisy) time. Summer is to HOT and not a good time for Sophie and her heart. Half terms are to short.

So in the end going to the US was ruled out, now what?

Well, my mum was evacuated to St Agnes in Cornwall in the second world war. She visited them every year until their deaths and as a child I went with her. So this I thought would be a nice place to visit and good for the girls to see where mum grew up and I spent my summers.

Everything in UK is very expensive and we were also having two weekends in London so I could only manage a week and found a nice looking villa in Millendreath near Looe so we booked a week and crossed our fingers it was as nice as it looked and the weather was good.

When chatting to my cousin who visits Cornwall every year and lives not far from me she suggested we had a stop over as the traffic this time of year is horrific. By this time most places where booked but I did in the end find a hotel near Bristol.

So now we back and get ready for our holiday (we= Mum, my two girls and myself).

The day we departed the weather forecast say Hurricane Bertha now downgraded to a big storm was heading for us! Lovely I do love those little weather fronts. But for Friday as we travelled to Bristol the weather was fine and the traffic not to bad until we neared Bristol then they gantries showed warning of very heavy traffic on the M5 near the hotel. A quick look at a map and some googling later we found another way and a few wrong ways later we made it to the hotel. The Aztec Spa Hotel

A lovely hotel with nice clean rooms and friendly staff. The one downer was some sort of computer glitch that meant that although I had booked a family room for four and we did get a family room but only registered for two adults so no gifts for the girls as advertised?

The pool we great with sun loungers inside and out (we had to share it with the Grimsby Football players) A nice added bonus LOL.

Food that evening in the restaurant was lovely if a little expensive, my mum had a glass of house wine £7.95 ($14)

A great nights sleep and good (if again a little expensive breakfast £14.95 each) It was an all you could eat breakfast with a full English as well as fruit, cereal and pastries. The downer was we had to ask three times for our tea and toast, not what you expect in a good hotel.

The view from our room but the other side was a pond and park.

Then it was back on the motorway and down to Cornwall. As predicted the journey was very slow many of the roads once you get into Cornwall are single lane each way and sometimes little more than tiny tracks.

We found Millendreath without getting lost (a small miracle) and was not disappointed A beautiful apartment (they call them villas but I think they are more like apartments.

The weather was on and off and I have a lot more pictures here LINK

We did make the jurney down to St Agnes

The house my mum was evacuated to

The old tin mine house behind that my mum and later I played in as children

A lofty lunch

I'm not one for showing my meals but this was my mothers lunch (look at all that cheese!!!)

This is also where Amy....well I had to dash to a chemist. Yes, I know she is way to young at only 11 but she was very good and took it all in her stride.

The next day was to be a rest day and we planned to stay in the villa and on the beach.

Then Sophie knocked a cup of tea over herself and after half an hour under a shower we set of for Liskeard Hospital

I must say if you ever need a hospital you want one like this! A wonderful clean place, easy parking and VERY nice nurses. We were seen straight away and they had soon tended to her wounds. We had to go back six (ish) hours later for the wounds to be redressed.

So that was an end to our rest day! In the evening we returned to be greeted by smiling nurses who knew Sophie's name and again she was seen immediately. The burns were redressed and we were told to check them the following evening and come back if needed.



Well the next day we had planned to go to the Eden Project but as part of it was in a very hot humid place we decided against it and went to Trago Mill (shopping mall) instead. A nice day but not The Eden Project!

Checking Sophie's burns we decided they were healing well so did not have to return to the hospital. Oh, by the way when the nurse dressed Sophie's burns with a product called burnshield that you can get on ebay (I'm sure other places sell it too) It's a MUST HAVE for all first aid boxes and I have ordered some for both myself and my mother.

The Black Rock

We did visit Looe a few times

So all in all food was good, in Millendreath they had a wonderful Cafe called The Black Rock Cafe we cooked some meals ourself and had lovely Cornish cream teas and a couple of Cornish pasties.

The drive home was horrendous we set out at 10:30am and arrived home at 8:30pm a drive of 300 miles.

So now I need a holiday! I did take a couple of travel dolls with me and will post pictures of them separately.

Lets Take about Dolls

Posted by Susannah on August 19, 2014 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Not had any time in my doll room with all the family stuff going on but I had had a few goodies in the last couple of months

I'm looking for these shoes and apron dress if you have them please contact me (contact button on the side)

Some new outfits

When I have had a box from my shipping buddy in the USA (thank you Dawn) the study looks a little like this

Love his sandals but boy are they a bugger to get on!!!

Just before my birthday Harrods had a sale and I brought these for £28.99 each plus free shipping

I have wanted the Coach Barbie for so long but Harrods was selling her for £138.99 before the sale. The cats are a gift from my parents for my birthday we all think they look like Perri and Jordan.

Oh, and if your wondering NO no doll play time *sigh*

Got a lot of catching up to do

Posted by Susannah on August 19, 2014 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

My last post was waaaay back in MAY!!!! So much going on not a lot of time to write about it. I'm going to have to go back and look at my photo's so I can remember what I've been up to.

Starting with Family....

Well back in June Sophie had a beautiful cut and colour

The rest of my time was taken up with medical check ups (All is well) and a LOT of school visits in preparation of Amy starting secondary school in September.

July was a very busy month as Sophie finished her collage course and had several interviews for her new course she starts in September (Catering). My parents took Sophie to watch the tour of France as it was not far from us.

Amy had her school play and leaving disco

On the 23rd it was my birthday (nothing happened for that) but the 25th was my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary and we went to London staying overnight at a nice hotel near the Tower of London.

The weather had been wonderful but then it pored with rain

This did give us the opportunity of visiting a real London pub

The following day was a beautiful sunny day although it did get VERY hot later and we ended up going home early in the afternoon.

These amazing animals are all made from chicken wire

The saying goes "If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it."

This is the beginnings of an amazing display one Poppy represents a human life lost in the first world war. LINK 888,246 poppies in total!

The crowns jewels are stunning and if you ever get the chance you really should go and see them.

For more pictures" target="_blank">LINK

So that's it for this post more coming very soon

It feels like Summer

Posted by Susannah on May 19, 2014 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

It feels like summer just for a couple of days anyway.

The last few weeks have been a mix of putting back the ground floor of my doll (removed when we thought it might flood)  room, just for fun this is what I have had to re do....

Neal and Sarah's kitchen and hall

Next doors kitchen and garden

Hospital cafe, waiting room and consulting room

Hotel reception, dining room and kitchen

Night club dance floor

Nursery school and playground

Luke and Eden's Living/kitchen/dining room

TWO studio apartments

Koyri's home



Ground floor of the Shopping mall... food court, walkway, supermarket, jewelry,beauty and shoe departments.

I think that's it? I intended to just put things back but could not resist and little swap around!!!! I'm going to try and do a video so you can get more or an idea.

Next up are my foster kittens, I must say that often when I should have been 'doing jobs' I have sat and watched the kittens they are just sooo funny!


I won an auction last week for dinner for two on a boat in London (Thank you SCRATCHING POST). I was going to give it to my parents but my dad the miserable old fart did not want to go so I went with my mum. We had the most wonderful day out although I'm a Londoner I have never done the 'tourist' thing so we went into town by train to Liverpool Station

(don't you think it looks like the Gerkin has a gun?)

then onto Charing Cross as the Embankment was closed. We did a full circuit starting on the Golden Jubilee bridge (Wobbly bridge) along the river and past the Millennium Wheel, back over Westminster Bridge a walk around Westminster Abby and the back down to the boat docked next to the Golden Jubilee Bridge. Oh, and we wandered around Whitehall, The Mall and Nelson's Column.

So much to do and so little time

Posted by Susannah on May 9, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

It's been ages since I updated my BLOG

Mothering weekend is at the end of March (when my foster cat had her kittens) LINK TO FOSTER CAT BLOG

We went out the following weekend to Kingston On Thames weather was chilly but we still had a good time and the girls enjoyed the street music

We had lunch at The Slug And Lettice

Look at the face on my dad... grumpy old git!

We did have a few nice days where the family had some time in the garden.

Tuesday mum the girls and I went to watch the filming of Got To Dance.

My first Selfy LOL

On the doll front a few new dolls....

This little lady is a Ruruko by the same company who make Momoko.

Onwards we go

Posted by Susannah on March 12, 2014 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

After all the rain a little sunshine and even a bit of warmth. Been busy building a doll kitchen LINK TO MY BLOG

After the flood that never was ( very pleased to say) I have started putting my doll room back together

The flowers are coming out in the garden so nice after so many months of mud and sludge

I've starting fostering pregnant cats Turblow is my first and here is a LINK TO MY BLOG

She is now sooo big but STILL no kittens!

Godfrey says look at me I'm soooo handsome!

The SUN came out

Posted by Susannah on February 17, 2014 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, so it was only for one day... but it's a start

Today has been cloudy but at least no rain.... yet!!!

When I had to move everthing off the ground I had no time to be fussy with how or where things went.

An accident at the airport was no help

Yes, I had my supervisor presant (Godfrey) to check I did not break anything!!!

Hi All

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Not posted for a while life has been pretty busy and sometimes not in a good way.

First off I have been decorating both my daughters bedrooms as Amy went through a stage of ripping paper off the walls. Also half way through redecorating the hall as the CATS went through a stage of ripping wallpaper off the walls!

Amy went for a New York theme and Sophie for a modern Parisian look...

You may think Amy's TV looks a little strange, that's because she has a magnifier screen in front of it because of her poor eye sight.

At the end of January Sophie had her appointment at Harefield Hospital (same hospital dad went to when he had his heart attack last year) All is well and she does not need to go back for three years.

Before Christmas my Aunt who lost her husband not long ago was having minor heart attacks. She live in the middle of nowhere up a long dirt track in VERY poor condition. Mum has been very worried and we just hope that she will sell up and move near to us so we can keep an eye on her. A couple of weeks ago we went to visit her and took her out to lunch.

The good news is last weeks my aunt had minor surgery and the doctors says she should be fine.

I WANT KITTENS! So finally caved in and had all four cats inoculated for flu and all the other stuff cats get! I have been very hesitant to have this done as some years ago I had my them cat Georgina inoculated as I was getting kittens. I then had the kittens done to when they arrived a couple of days later. I thought I was doing the right thing but it killed my lovely Georgina and one of the kittens the other survived but spent her life suffering eye and nasal problems. Anyway this time all went well and now we are on the hunt for kittens. EASY you would think? Nope! Apparently it is not kitten season so no kittens are around? So now we need to wait!!! Yes, I could buy a kitten but I would rather get a couple from a cat charity so we will wait.

At the moment my cats are pretty fed up with all this bad weather

Dinner time in the zoo

The weather.... well who does not have weather stories this year? In Australia and California (ago with others) it has been mega HOT! Much of the USA is covered in snow and it's still snowing. In UK we have rain LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of rain. So much that there is now mass flooding. We have had huge storms (think Sandy style) Roofs are off power is out railways are either under water of power lines are down. Somerset has been flooded since BEFORE Christmas and now the Thames is bursting it's banks. Many small rivers have burst their banks including the ones not far from me. Fortunately I live up high and nowhere near the coast so thought I was pretty safe but last week the illusion was broken. After so much rain the ground can take no more and my garden flooded. The lowest point in my garden is my doll room and my dad's shed so I had to move everything off the floor in my doll room and sandbag the doors... fingers crossed so far so good!

Doll room refugee's

Oh, and if the storms and damage they have done is not enough NOW some dingbat has started bombing Army offices around the country (seven so far).

Finally my hair! Sophie and I had an appointment at the hairdressers on Thursday along with my friend Lorraine. Lorraine does not drive so I said I would collect her. So we set of down a road called Downfield Rd and as the name suggests it goes down hill between two fields. Naturally the water is running of the fields so the road is full of giant puddles. Driving down the road and a fairly slow pace I came see a bloody 4x4 coming up. Now these are big cars with high wheels arches so driving through a few puddles should not be an issue. This numpty decided they need to stay in the middle of the road forcing my to drive up the bank a little and through a giant pot whole! Yeap! DANG!!!! Tire gone! So phoned the hairdresser, Loraine and RAC (car people) told they should be with me within an hour as we get priority due to the car being registered as a car for a disabled person. Ten minutes later they phone back to ask if we are OK? Yes, I say but we are busting for the loo! LOL He asked if there was someplace we could go to and I said yes as I new there was a school nearby. He said as the guy would not be with us for at least half an hour go to the school and anyway the RAC man would phone when he was on his way. COOL! For once it had stopped raining so we go to the school and the let us use their toilet. OK, so i have a big coat on so need to take it of and hang it on the hook, it has my phone in it. I sit on the toilet annnndddd YEP the phone rings ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Fortunately Sophie had finished so she got my phone and the guy said he was just around the corner. I explained and well... we met him back at my car!

Oh, I think our hair looks nice and we ended up only 20 minutes late.

Trying to work on my computer

A Funny Old Day

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Today I noticed on Facebook that everyone is talking about the weather. As an English person I'm used to talk on the weather (it's the British favorite subject) I've not 'friended' any weather channels so I think it's quite a phenomenon!(Both the weather and the chat)

Not wanting to miss out I will add my weather report, I'll post it here too as some might find it a bit interesting....

First thing this morning at least was not so bad I even thought I might get some time in my doll room? Once I had finished Amy's homework! Another pet peeve....why do school's insist on giving homework to a child that clearly is unable to do it without my help (doing it for her) I'm 52 why should I still be doing homework.... I never did it when I was at school (maybe it's payback)

Anyway by the time I had done my homework it was lunchtime and big black clouds started to blow in. Maybe it will blow over and I can go out after lunch? Sitting down with a cuppa I noticed a rainbow so calling Amy we went upstairs to get a better look. First it was a whole rainbow then on the left only and then on the right. Then once more it was a full one, as I looked to the left above the rainbow I could see a plane flying, I commented to Amy that the plane was heading for the rainbow Just then there was a flash of lightning that went right through the plane. I wished I had my camera but it was in my doll room.

It looked just like this! (not my picture)

Then a few minutes later a banging on the windows

At least we are safe with heating and light, so many are flooded out!I know many across the US are having problems too so lets hope these storms pass over soon.

And finally on a lighter note

This ones from last week

Anni looks so well.....silly! Izzy can't even look at her!

Christmas Decorating...around my home

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Snowmen on the stairs

Just inside the front door

 A Christmas Angel

We call this the Chinese whatnot! The picture of the punks that's my mum and dad in fancy dress. It was at the golf club in the 70's people did not recognize them and at one stage they almost got thrown out!!!

Looking in to the dining room

I love these little mini's that are a good size for doll diorama's too!

And in the living room

Boxing Day

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That's the day after Christmas for those that don't know. Why is it called Boxing Day? Because the day after Christmas is the day the workers received their Christmas 'box' a thank you from employers.

These days it's more of 'boxing' as in hitting each other to get that 'must have' bargain in the sales!

Me? I went to my parents with the girls, I did do some sales shopping but from my parents ipad.... so much more civilized! LOL

More presents and the girls insisted in wearing their onesies!

Another lovely dinner

Yet another day with no arguments..... I can't remember a year with no arguments???? Very un- Christmasy! LOL