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These are the sites where I get my information on the Ape Escape franchise.
Not only these sources are meant show that all of the information on Saru-World came from these sites, they are to prove that all information on Saru-World is legitimate and came from official sources.
As I continue to search for more information, I will keep updating this list.

Ape Escape Official Japanese Website

Japanese Wikipedia Article on Ape Escapeサルゲッチュ

Ape Escape Million Monkeys Japanese site*

Ape Escape interview with Creative Producer Susumu Takatsuka

*Taken down by Sony as of November 2011

Official Japanese Ape Escape Twitter Account!/piposaru_SCE

Official Piposaru Senki: The Record of Piposaru War Japanese site (Ape Quest in US)

Official Playstation Move Ape Escape Japanese site (Furi Furi SaruGetChu in Japan)

Playstation Move Ape Escape theme with lyrics (Instrumental version in US and EU version, Lyric version in Japanese version)

Fan sites

These used to be on the home page of the older version of Saru-World.
Not all of the links from the old home page are here, as some became inaccessible over time.

These links are links to other Ape Escape fan-sites.



*1 - (From left to right, click on the 3rd link and it will lead you to a series of Ape Escape fanarts)

*2 - (WARNING: this fan-site contains some naughty Ape Escape fanart. I checked through the entire site and there is no sign of full nudity. However, I do not highly recommend going into it if you don't want your childhood experiences with Ape Escape to be ruined or sensitive to such content. This Japanese Ape Escape fan-site is still being operated as of Summer 2011. Click on the picture that has Jake and Specter to enter her site.)


Ape Escape (1999) OST

Ape Escape 2 OST

Ape Escape 3 OST

Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed OST

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys OST

Saru Get Chu ~On Air~ Season 1 Episodes*

*Episode 4 and Episode 19 are not included.