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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post my fanart, fan-fiction and video on Saru-World?

Posting your fanart, fan-fiction and video is really easy to do on Saru-World.
1) Go to Ape Escape Forums
2) If you already have an account, skip this step. If not, go make one and it's free.
3) Create a new topic by pressing the "+ New Topic" button.
4) Create a title for your topic
5) You can either post a link to your artwork, video, and fan-fiction or post it on your topic.

I haven't tested out to see how long will it take to load a video on the forums. If you want to,
give it a try. I don't want people on the forum to wait a long time for the video to load up, so
highly recommend posting the video on Youtube and putting a link there.

I do not recommend posting an entire fan-fiction on this site. Like the video, please will post a link to it.

What is Ape Escape Forums?

Ape Escape Forums is a new feature added onto Saru-World as of November 1st 2011. It replaces a lot of the pages that used to be on this fan-site,
and it allows people to post their contributions to the Ape Escape franchise, and discuss Ape Escape-related topics. It also makes the site
easier to run and my life more relaxing.

I want to help make Saru-World a better fan-site.

You can help Saru-World improve as a fan-site by going to the forums.
The place to discuss improvements of the site can be done in the folder that says "Saru-World".

I found some information that would be great to put on Saru-World.

If you found something interesting about Ape Escape on the internet or an article about Ape Escape,
I am very strict on where you get your articles and information. There has been recent cases where blogs were posting
false information about the Ape Escape franchise and false translations of some of the characters in the games.

May I use information from other Ape Escape fan-sites to put into Saru-World?

No. I do not trust a lot of Ape Escape fan-sites. Their information is not always reliable. Using an Ape Escape
fan-site as your source to make the information you want to put on Saru-World will NOT be accepted and won't be allowed.

I found an awesome fan-art, fan-fiction, fan-video from another site.

If you found a really nice fanart, fan-fiction and fan-video from another site, be sure that you either ask the user for permission or give credit to the user by mentioning the creator's name or put up an URL on the forums. You may NOT claim the artwork to be yours. If I find out or anyone find out that you stole that fan-art, fan-fiction or fan-video, I will immediately remove it.

I think that person is stealing a fan-art, fan-fiction, fan-video from another site.

If you think that person is committing theft, make sure you have evidence to prove it like a URL.

Can I be an admin of this fan-site?
I am thinking about searching for another admin to run this fan-site, but not right now.