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1 - Multicultural ActivitiesA planning e-book featuring group activity ideas for multicultural and diverse celebrations and festivals for each calendar month.  An overview chapter looks in detail at how multicultural planning can be incorporated into everyday life - £7.99 

2 - Daily dairies - 2 chapters - a childminder daily diary and a child daily diary - £4.99 

3 - World religions Perhaps for slightly older children, all your religion questions answered, with explanations about each major religion. A great way to provide evidence to Ofsted that you are promoting inclusion - £4.99 

4 - Children's behaviour - 3 chapters cover positive behaviour management, techniques to support children who exhibit challenging behaviour and bullying advice - £4.99 

5 - Risk assessments - Information about writing risk assessments (including sample templates), outings risk assessments and fire safety information.  This e-book also contains a comprehensive set of risk assessments for various areas of provision to help when writing your own - £6.99 

6 - Outside play - Ideas for planning and resourcing your outside provision - and lots of ideas for outside games to support children to be fit and healthy - £4.99 

7 - Music & rhymes planning - A song list with words to lots of popular songs and rhymes and some group activity planning to support you to use interests and challenge learning - £3.99 

Please also see illustrated e-book 9 - illustrated songs and rhymes. 

8 - December celebrations planning - Did you know there are 13 multicultural festivals in December?  I have included planning for each, all fully linked to 6 areas of learning and development of the EYFS - £3.99 

9 - Seasons planning - The group planning in this e-book covers spring, summer, autumn and winter and is fully linked to the EYFS areas of learning and development - £5.99 

10 - People who help us planning - This is a popular theme for young children. The e-book contains planning linked to the EYFS areas of L & D plus ideas for games and activities for many occupations - £3.99 

Please also see illustrated e-book 3 - Illustrated People who help us planning.

11 - Books of the month planning 1 - Group themed planning for 12 popular books - if you would like a list of contents please ask me - £3.99 

12 - Books of the month planning 2 - Group themed planning for 12 more popular books - if you would like a list of contents please ask me - £3.99 

14 - Outstanding Observations - an overview of how to observe children, how to link observations to the EYFS and use Early Years Outcomes to support learning - £4.99 

14a - Assessment in Action - 2 chapters which talk about how to assess children's learning effectively and quickly - £4.99 

14b - Next Steps Planning - individual / next steps / PLODS planning is used to enhance outcomes for children and show how children's individual and unique needs are met in a group environment. I have written lots of examples of good practice, sample forms and exemplars for the Early Years Outcomes guidance - £4.99 

15 - Painless Planning - an introduction to my Painless Planning system for groups of children and to help you comply with the planning requirements of the EYFS. Chapter 2 contains activity planning ideas through the year - £4.99 

16 - EYFS meeting the standards - 2 chapters guide you through the revised Learning and Development and Safeguarding and Welfare requirements. Chapter 3 contains an inspection guide including comments from Ofsted reports on how to improve your chances of getting a higher Ofsted grade. Chapter 4 looks in detail at the themes of the EYFS and how you can use them in your day-to-day practice - £9.99 

17 - Play and learning under 3s - This very popular e-book gives hundreds of ideas for play for the little ones in your provision, all linked to the EYFS to support you when writing your planning - £3.99 

18 - SEF guide & action planning - My best selling e-book walks you through how to complete your Ofsted Self Evaluation Form (SEF) and gives you lots of ideas for enhancing your provision now and in the future.

19 - Themed planning - a detailed introduction to writing group themed planning for the over 2s in your provision - £3.99 

20 - Senses planning - chapter 1 contains lots of ideas for planning this popular theme... chapter 2 is a my senses workbook for older children to complete as they learn more about their senses - £3.99 
21 - Healthy eating - chapter 1 contains a detailed overview of healthy eating guidance for pre-school children including meal ideas; chapter 2 takes a close look at the voluntary food and drink guidelines and how you can implement the recommendations in your provision - £3.99 
22 - Annual celebrations planning calendar - this is a very popular 90+ page resource.  It contains details of celebrations and festivals for every month of the year with lots of suggestions for your group planning - updated annually - £4.99 
23 - Continuous provision planning - a detailed introduction to writing continuous provision (CP) planning for the over 2s in your provision - £3.99 
24 - Safety check listsThis little e-book is in a question / audit format.  It helps you focus on the things you need to include in your risk assessments - £2.99 
25 - Paperwork for the EYFS - a guide to the essential paperwork required by the EYFS (updated for the EYFS 2014) - £3.99 
28 - Learning Journeys - A step-by-step guide to writing Learning Journey booklets for the children in your childcare provision. Includes sample paperwork to complement e-books 14 and 15 - £4.99 
Please also see illustrated e-books 1 and 5 - illustrated learning journey e-books. 
29 - Policies and proceduresThis e-book does not write your policies and procedures for you because they must be specific to your provision and the ways you work.  It supports you by giving ideas of what should feature in each P & P and guides you through the process of ensuring you have the correct P & Ps to work within Ofsted requirements - £4.99 
30 - World travellers planningTurn your children into global adventurers following the planning ideas in this e-book. Travel from the plains of Africa to the valleys of Wales, stopping off at 15 other exciting global destinations on the way. Experience the multicultural delights of our world from the comfort of your playroom and garden... all you need to add are resources and a little imagination - £3.99 
32 - Schemas -  Many children learn using schemas (repeated patterns of play) - this e-book looks at the most common schemas and gives lots of activity ideas which you can use to challenge the children and share with parents - £4.99 
34 - 7 areas of learning -  A close look at how you can use each of the 7 areas of learning and development in your daily observations, assessments and planning - £3.99 
37 - HACCP - kitchen safety and hygiene - If you work with other childminders or assistants you will need to write a HACCP file to show how you keep children safe and healthy - £4.99 
Please also see e-book 48 - Assistants.
38 - Baskets and bags planningThis little e-book is packed full of ideas for resourcing your early years and / or childminding provision... for each month of our global calendar... with a huge range of multicultural and diverse resources. Every month I have looked at 3 different global events and given ideas for the resources you might make, download, borrow, buy or adapt for use by the children. I like this one! - £3.99 
39 - Engaging children in their learning journey We all know that children are experts in their own lives, but many childminders struggle with exactly how to involve them in the observations, assessment and planning process. I have talked about how to use the EYFS when forming a respectful working relationship with each child, which will hopefully give him a sense of belonging so he engages in his own learning and development -£3.99 

40 - Risk assess the child - an inclusive look at how to support each child to stay safe, depending on their age and stage of development (please see e-book 5 for detailed risk assessments for house, garden and outings). 1 chapter - £3.99 

43 - Learning and play 3+ - Hundreds of ideas for play for the older children in your provision, all linked to the EYFS (2012) to support you when writing your planning. Note - please see e-book 17 for play ideas for the under 3s. 1 chapter - £3.99 

44 - Listening to children - Taking account of the voice of the child is a very important part of what early years practitioners should aim to do on a daily basis. This e-book helps you to find ways, in your daily practice, to involve children and really listen to what they say... and to use observation to see what they are thinking and feeling. 1 chapter - £3.99 

46 - Inclusion... common childhood conditions - Childminders care for children with a range of conditions from asthma to Williams Syndrome. We need to be confident that we can manage conditions and know where to turn in an emergency. This e-book is a support manual for childminders who care for children with a range of common conditions and illnesses - 2 chapters - £3.99 

47 - The Equality Act 2010 - Childminders are required by law to work within the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010, which is relevant reading for all early years providers. This e-book is in the format of an equality audit, which takes you through a series of questions designed to ensure equality and diversity. 1 (long) chapter - £4.99 

48 - Assistants - There are lots of things you must think about if you employ or are considering employing an assistant... I have covered them all in this e-book. 1 chapter - £4.99 

51 Money Matters - All about money, tax, national insurance etc - this is best advice available at the time of writing and includes sample documents for completing during the year to help you keep up-to-date with your accounts.  1 chapter - £2.99 

52 - Inclusion & the EYFS All about inclusion and how it is reflected in the EYFS.  Chapter 2 is a full inclusion audit to help you show evidence to Ofsted of how you ensure inclusion is high on your agenda. 2 chapters - £4.99 

53 - Working with boys - Boys attainment (or lack of it) is high on the Government agenda. This e-book supports you to reflect on how your provision meets the needs of boys and suggests enhancements to help you make changes. 1 chapter - £3.99 

54 - My childminding portfolio - my current EYFS portfolio, updated to reflect the requirements of the EYFS - it is set out in alphabetical order and I have recently updated it to reflect current legislation (10.2014).  1 chapter - £4.99 

56 - Pre-registration advice for childminders - all the information you will need to take you from deciding you want to be a childminder to completing your first Ofsted inspection visit. Including a walk-through of the Ofsted pre-registration questionnaire. 1 chapter - £4.99 

57 - Child protection & safeguarding - Comprehensive child protection and safeguarding information to help you meet the requirements of the EYFS. 1 chapter - £3.99 

59 - Characteristics of effective learning - The characteristics of effective early learning are a key part of the revised EYFS. I have discussed the 3 characteristics in detail. 1 chapter - £3.99 

60 - Working with parents - The EYFS aims to strengthen partnership working with parents and ensures outcomes for children are improved through continuous information sharing. 2 chapters - £4.99

63 - Pre-inspection check list - Ofsted - This e-book covers essential and guidance documentation and lots of other information and advice about your Ofsted inspection. It has been updated to reflect changes in legislation and latest good practice guidance (10.2015). 1 chapter - £3.99 

64 - Summary reports - It is important that you are able to show parents and Ofsted that each EYFS aged child is making good progress towards the Early Learning Goals of the EYFS. Summary reports are one way of doing this - the e-book includes sample documentation. 1 chapter - £3.99 

66 - Working with funded 2 year olds -  A comprehensive guide to the areas of practice you will need to consider if you intend offering the 2 year old funded sessions including 2 year old behaviour, learning, development and teaching strategies. 1 chapter - £3.99 

67 - Ofsted inspections (UPDATED 10.2015) - Ofsted have published the Common Inspection Framework and a new Early Years Inspection handbook (09.15 - I have worked through the e-book to support childminders who are preparing for their inspection. 1 chapter - £4.99 

68 - Self assessment - Scotland - ideas and information to help childminders complete the revised SAF.

Written with input from an established Scottish childminder. 2 chapters - £4.99 

69 - SHANARRI wellbeing indicators - Scotland - using the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators to support children in the service - and to help you document their care needs and learning experiences. Another Scottish e-book written with input from an experienced Scottish childminder to ensure accuracy. 1 chapter - £2.99 

70 - Transitions - supporting young children's transitions - moves to other settings - to school - and other transitions in the lives of early years children. 1 chapter - £3.99 


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