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The Handfasting Recipe Book

This little book is no longer for sale, but I'm leaving this page here to inspire others.

What is the Handfasting Recipe Book?

In late 2010, as part of the Little Lost Lushies Christmas Market, my friends and I have created a recipe book based on the food guests bought to our handfasting.

The money raised from selling this book, is going to SANDS, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society, supporting bereaved parents and their families. For more information on SANDS, click here.

The Handfasting Recipe Book has a facebook fan page too,

The booklets have 16 pages of recipes - 28 recipes in all, and a colour front with artwork from Christopher Bell - Otherworld Illustrations.
The font used for the titles inside the book is designed by myself, it's called Dragonite, and you can view more of this on my graphic design page.

Here are some images:

What's in the Hanfasting Recipe Book?

I tried to give a balanced range of things, but I think there is definitely a few cakes! It's mainly food for sharing and entertaining, and recipes that are a little bit different!

Recipes have often been created in peoples kitchens, passed down through families, or traditional recipes that have a new spin or have been tinkered with to make them special.

Here is a contents list:
V = Veggie
Ve = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free

Rainbow Cake V
"The Carrots" by Anna Ve/GF
Leftovers Curry by Sarah Ve/GF
Cymbell's Muffins V
Patricia's Spanish Tortilla V/GF
Purplebint's Apple Lime & Mustard Sauce Ve/GF
The Mead - by Binty V
Hinky's Spicy Butternut Squash Soup V/GF
Allie's Lentil & Bean Salad Ve/GF
Tiramisu by Jean V
Lulu's Lucious Hummous Ve/GF
Binty's Bread V
Sally's Potato and Egg Salad V/GF
Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheescake V
Kelly and Pete's Gluten free Choc cake. V/GF
Tami's best ever brownie V
Allie's Chickpea burgers V/GF
Catie's Cheesy, oniony potatoes V/GF
Cococaffechoc Cupcakes by Earring Ve
Laura's Sausage Casserole
Rachel's Cookies V
Jo's Chorizo & Tomato pasta Sauce GF
Nettie's Baked Feta V/GF
Faerie's Diabetic Friendly Apple and Carrot Cake V
Binty's Basil and red onion pasta Ve/GF
Lemon Cheese cake V
Best ever, Super tasty, Uber healthy Pasta Sauce by Claire V/GF
Cat's Handfasting Loaf. V

Most of the measurements are in the form the guest sent them to me, there is a fab conversion table here: that allows you to change to the "cups" measurement etc.

How do I get a copy?

Unfortunately, all copies of the Handfasting Recipe book have been purchased. Many thanks everyone for your support. No other runs are planned as yet, but we may do so in the future.

Media Coverage

Radio Interview
I was recently interviewed on Moorlands Radio about the Recipe Book and my Handfasting. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Our Recipe Book has been featured in The Sentinel!
You can see the online article by clicking here.

Here is a scan of the article!