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Latest Pieces

Here are some of my latest pieces:
April 2014
Bronzed Poppies

January 2014
Hearts and Stars

Painted Glass by SarahDesigns

Hello all! I have been painting glass for many years now, since I was 13 in fact. I paint for my own enjoyment for family and friends.

First, a "contour cream" is applied, which provides an outline. After 24hrs of drying, the piece is baked twice, to fix the liner. Next the paint is applied. The paint is similar to a kind of "nail varnish" and is applied using a small brush or stick. When the whole piece is painted, it is left to dry for another 24hrs. It is now ready for its final bake.

Some of my Favourites

Here are some pieces of glass work that have been specially created friends and family

Tulips Wine Glasses

Sunflower Vase

Art Nouveau Vases

Older Pieces


This was an Autumn Collection from a few years back, I enjoy painting sunflowers.
They are a really happy flower and they have been very popular.
I also like unusual shaped vases, the most popular
of which was is the "bulb shaped" in the middle of the trio.