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How to Create Custom Baby Shoes

My little boys have some weird and wonderful ideas about the kind of clothes they want to wear, and the characters they'd like on them. Finding some of these items in the shops is difficult. But, do not fear, you can make your own! Here is how...

What you will need...

  • A pair of canvas shoes
    These were £3.50 from Matalan, I just picked them up while passing. They are 6-9 month baby shoes.
  • Some Posca Markers.
    I got mine from Hobbycraft (£10.50 for a pack), as I had some vouchers to use, but there are a few places you can get them from (cheaper). They profess to being waterproof when dry and work on a variety of surfaces. I chose extra fine, so I could optimise on details.
  • A spare 30mins or so, a space on a table and good light.
    (all harder than you think in my house!)
  • OPTIONAL: A pencil, object to draw around, image to copy.

Step One: Your Design

  • Choose your design
    Have a think about what design you'd like to draw, you could sketch it out in pencil - or if you are like me you can just go for it. You could choose a simple repeating design, like stars, or hearts, or flowers etc. Or you can take the opportunity to create a pair of shoes that are little bit more unique. You could even use a template or an interesting item to draw around.

Step Two: Applying your markers

  • Activate the ink in your pens
    Follow the instructions on your pens to start the flow of paint.
  • Draw your outline
    I chose the gold marker as an outline colour. I used it as the moon light on the hare.
  • Fill in your shapes
    I then chose a black marker for the shadows.

Step Three: Finishing Off.

  • Blend any rough areas
    I used a white to blend the area where the black and gold meets. I also went over any area that had a sparse layer of paint, and made sure the individual stitches of the canvas were saturated.


  • Locate a small child to test them out!

Other Ideas...

  • Used different colour canvas shoes
  • try using acrylic paint for a different effect
  • Use a spray of bleach on top of a template - like a doily - on top of coloured canvas shoes.