Pyrography Artist and Crafter - from kids to cakes

Fimo and Polymer Clay

The is a craft I've recently started dabbling in. It's very enjoyable. I do find the raw materials quite expensive, and it's definitely a craft for when the boys are asleep! You can get fimo or one of its many counterparts online or a good craft shop.

Cake Toppers

I have been doing cake toppers for friends and family.

Princess Holly for Katie

Gaston for Elisha

Monkey for Iona

Special Pieces

These are labours of love, that have taken a lot of time! They are special pieces that Ive done for family and friends and in some cases below - for our handfasting.

A topper for one of my handfasting cakes

Here it is on the cake I decorated.

A fimo dragon on a hillside!

Little Lush Rainbow, on top of a rainbow cake.

Gordon the Orangutan, for Penny

Fimo Green Man for another of my handfasting cakes.

Jewellery and buttons

I've made different pieces of funky jewellery from fimo too:

Pop in the bath necklace

Lush bubble bar keyring

Lush bubble bar kilt pin


Buttons and beads