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Some of my experiences....

I have added a page with some of my notes and writings from when I was pregnant with my boys - to get an idea of my story you can give them a read on the Birth Thoughts page. Basically I had an emergency section with my first child, Jacob (2007), which I feel was completely unnecessary. I did have a lot of trouble getting it, but eventually had a homebirth in water with my second - Noah (2008).

I've now had a third boy, Conor (2012), also born at home, and a little girl Oona in May 2015 also a home waterbirth.

Birthing Links

If you are pregnant or just looking for some birthing information I have compiled a list of useful links. I have done a lot of research on VBAC in particular, so many of the links relate to that. However I've tried to be quite general as there are alot of good sites out there. If you have a site that you'd like me to add please get in touch!

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Good places start, for all pregnancies.
A fantastic free service, check out the site and see if you are within their catchment.
A good place to find information on your birth choices, especially if you want other options than what are being offered
A British site to connect with other mums, and work out things like your due date. Great when you are thinking about getting pregnant. Has a good week by week view of how your baby is growing.
Choosing a hospital, or place to have your baby.
This is a wonderful page for people interested in birth. It is really well referenced and definitely worth a read.
The Which? Birth choice webpages, Helping you make an informed choice.

Home Birth Information 
A really informative site about homebirth
A great information and discussion page.
The main home birth reference site.
The birth choice information site

How to book a home birth especially if you are finding it difficult.

Excuses you may be given not to have a home birth
Simple home birth site

Caesarean and VBAC links
Lots of info on c-section, recovery times and VBAC. Also elective section.
Explores VBAC
An informative midwifery site.
Mary Cronk's scar monitoring procedures
Relative risks of VBAC
Having difficulty deciding between VBAC and ELCS
Spacing your children with a previous section

Independent Midwives
Search facility to find an independent midwife in your area
The midwife I chose
The Midwifery Code
Checking a Midwife's registration details