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Sanctuary House
at Muddy Paw Farm


Sister Mary Winifred  


Sanctuary House

Sanctuary House is a part of Ascension Hermitage and Sanctuary in the Episcopal Diocese of Easton on Maryland's Eastern Shore. We are home to cats, dogs, and horses. Sister Mary Winifrd is our resident caretaker.

Sanctuary House Wish List:

Here are some of the current needs at Sanctuary House.  Please feel free to donate actual items or, if that is impractical, to send a contribution or store gift card.  We usually shop at Food Lion and Tractor Supply, and would greatly appreciate any assistance.

  1. wild bird seed  
  2. carrots, apples, and other horse treats
  3. paper towels
  4. laundry detergent and bleach
  5. cash donations toward vet costs

Thank you very much!




Books, books, books!

You can now read about the Sanctuary House animals in several books: The Cats of Sanctuary House; More Cats of Sanctuary House; The Dogs of Sanctuary House; The ABCs of Sanctuary House; and Following the Path of Life: companions on the way. All of the books are available at

Interested in receiving News & Notes from Sanctuary House?

Simply send an email to or drop us a note: PO Box 52, Princess Anne, MD 21853. Our newsletter is mailed quarterly and is free!

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