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goddess within

 Every woman is a goddess! Our inner consciousness connects with different goddess attributes at different times at work or play, in the mornings or evenings and through moon cycles. Each goddess brings her essential energy to energise us through each stage. When we recognise and harness the goddess energy that is working within, we have successfully reconnected with our own Inner Goddess.

 In the beginning, women were acknowledged and revered as the spiritual keepers - pregnant women especially were enshrined, the gift of life being a sacred mystery. Every culture globally knew and accepted the loving rule of the goddesses. Modern women are now "remembering" their rightful place in the world.

Women, remember you are a Goddess and hold the power of creation within you, create your dreams, manifest your desires. It is time to stand your ground and be who you were born to be. Allow that suppressed creative person inside some space to create, give her permission to come out. Become the Virgin unto Herself, the one who is strong and committed to her own development and life. It is time to take your place in the world of patriarchy and to use your power and energy for your self, to rebirth the Goddess through you.

An interesting tip for those of you still of menstruating age, at the time of your period you are less likely to accept those things in your life you do not want, desire or agree with, you are less likely to accept anything that is not your truth. Some people call this pmt but it could be a gift from our body to our mind because it shows us the things in our lives that annoy us and we have no patience for. So next time you have pmt have a look at what it is what is making you loose your rag and see if this aspect of your life is the one that needs your attention. think of it not as Pre Menstrual Tension but of Positive Mental Thinking!

To create change in our world we must first create change within us. Show yourself honour and respect, honour and respect the feminine within you, then extend this to everyone you meet, to the planet upon which you live and the people you come into contact with, always aim for your highest good and highest expression of love.

The consciousness of the Great Goddess is returning to us. It is manifesting through our hearts and our creation, She is bringing humanity back into balance, a new balance, a new vibration of the Heaven that was once manifest on Earth.

Be inspired by goddesses from history:


The Romans believed every element in the universe, whether on land, in the sea or sky, was a single living entity of Gaia, the primordial Great Mother. More than any other goddess, Gaia is identified as the divine and animate Earth Mother.

She is the living, conscious planet who provides sustenance and nutrition and the wisdom inherent in the earth itself. Her values are rooted in the sacredness of all life, whether it be plant, animal or the stars in the sky - respect for others is paramount if we are to attain the deep sense of balance and completeness that a connection with Gaia brings. 

Her energy today: Gaia connects us to the universal source of "mothering" and "nurturing", leading us to a feeling of profound peace and balance. 



Iris is the Messenger Goddess.daughter of the Titan Thaumas and Electra. Although she was a sister of the winged monsters, the Harpies, Iris was represented as a beautiful maiden, with wings and robes of bright colors and a halo of light on her head, trailing across the sky with the rainbow she traveled on in her wake. She was also called the Goddess of the Rainbow.


Greek goddess Artemis was so passionate about chastity and her own personal space (even amongst her followers), that she was as quick to dispense her justice to women as men - anyone who compromised her values might be turned into beasts to be hunted. 

Having assisted her in the birth of her own twin brother Apollo, Artemis established herself as a truly independent goddess from an early age. She is called upon when protection is needed from bullies.

Her energy today: Moon goddess Artemis brings the gift of strength to say NO to forces that inhibit or bind you. With the inspired power Artemis gives you, you are a powerful being able to bring an end to destructive forces in order to start afresh. 

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