Safe Haven

Rescuing Dogs With Love and Care

Safe Haven Rescue

Rescuing Dogs with Love and Care

Safe Haven is a non profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of dogs. There is no greater joy than to help a dog that has been abused, neglected ,or never loved. Our goal is to help as many dogs as we can, by finding them homes. These dogs deserve to be in a home were they will be loved. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs please take a moment and fill out our Adoption Application. We also do in home visits to insure that our dogs will have a safe and happy home. We do not have a shelter, so all of the dogs that we rescue are in foster homes. There are so many unwanted dogs and so few foster homes. I f you are interested in fostering please contact us today to fill out our foster application. There are many dogs that need to be saved!!!!!

Safe Haven has invested thousands of dollars pulling and vetting dogs from the Mahoning County Pound, to try and raise some additional funds we have joined a "charity friendly" search engine.  For every search done thru this site we recieve $.01 if just 100 people use the search engine 2xs a day the potential revenue is $730 yearly!!!  Any funds raise will go directly back into the MCP.  The search engine has a very functional toolbar with a pop up blocker just like google. After accessing the site you just have to type in "Safe Haven Rescue New Middletown OH" as your charity of choice, and we start generating revenue.  EVERY PENNY HELPS!!!


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