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Submit your game reviews to Josh's e-mail and he will post them to help people decide whether or not, they want to download a game. Your review needs to be based on the following categories and on a scale of one to ten:

Overall- This is basically the mean of all your other scores. You add the other three together and then divide by three to get this score.
Fun Factor- Your score based on how fun it was. Example: Was it addicting, exciting, etc.?
Gameplay- Did the gameplay elements work well together to create a good experience?
Controls- Were the controls smooth and easy to use or were they confusing and out of place?

You can mention graphics, but it cannot be a category because the calculator as it is, doesn't have very good graphics. Also, I will get the screen shots and place them in your review. If you need a more indepth description of a category or want to suggest another category, e-mail Josh and he will reply to you within 3 days usually.