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Régi fotók Egyiptomról
(Archive Photos)

Abu Simbel 1856-ból                                                       Abu Simbel 1890-ből


Dendera ca. 1965

Karnak 1880

Qurna - Westbank - Temple of Seti I.

Sphinx  1886-ból                                                 Sphinx  1890-ből 



"According to some renegade scholars, such as John Anthony West and Graham Hancock, there is good reason for this, and it doesn't have anything to do with the historical Egyptians. These two scholars have upset the world of Egyptology by claiming that the Sphinx was sculpted by non-Egyptians more than 9,000 years ago (possibly 10,500 B.C.). They have claimed that the Sphinx has been covered in sand for most of its long history, and why not? If it wasn't continually being cleared by modern workers, it would have been re-buried up to its neck in sand since its excavation in the early 1900s. The shifting sand has to be fought back on almost a day-to-day basis. So, if it has been under the sand for most of its existence, why is it so weathered?"    from :

 Sphinx  1885

Sphinx   dec. 31. 1877

Cairo-i képek





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Pyramids  1913


Stereo fotó az 1990-es évekből

Nile and Pyramids


Pyramid Cheops   
ca. 1870

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