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Gosford Hieroglyphics in Australia

bushland close to the city of Gosford Australia, appears Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics carved into a rock cleft, some people believe they were left there by ancient explorers

If You like to go there to see !!
Directions: 1 hwy north from Sydney, exit 83 to Gosford. Turn right (near Kariong) at Woy Woy Rd. Then it's about 1.5 ks from this turn off. Just after you pass the suburbs/houses, you will hit bush, and a dirt turn off on the left. Park here on the side of the road. There is a metal gate. Start walking down this dirt road, maybe a kilometer (half mile). Turn left at the first left, keep going till there is another left. Just stay on the road, till you pass the Grand mother tree guardian on the left, (make sure to give her a big hug). And then walk towards Grandfather tree on the right. The one on the right is where the trail to the hieroglyphics are. You have to climb through the rocks to find them.

Happy Hieroing!



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