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Sac Geeks Meetup:  -- What's there for a geek to do in Sac?   Tons of stuff!   Check out the calendar at and you'll find movie screenings, special events, concert, festivals and fairs, conventions, parties, house gatherings, club events, game nights -- so much to do!  And they're all "geek-friendly" activities.  Plus meet new friends!  Trust me, start here!

Sac Geeks Facebook page: -- Find resources, socialize and share news with local fellow geeks! 

Sac Games Portal: -- Find fellow tabletop gamers (boardgames, cardgames, minatures)

Sacramento Broadgames Meetup: -- Wanna play?

People Who Really Build Things:  -- For you inventors and artisans. Sacramento Open Shop Hackerspace coming soon!

Click the Geeks' Lists link to find even more geeky clubs, groups, special events, entertainers, stores and more!

About Us: Sacramento Geeks is a network of not-for-profit community resources webmastered and moderated by Stephanie Rector;  for more information, go to: , or contact me at 

Welcome to our Collective...

Sacramento has an active, thriving geek community that encompasses a large variety of folks and a wide variety of interests.  By combining our resources and sharing our knowledge, we all stand to benefit and further grow.

Click here to check out our lists of links to geeky Sacramenteans! 

You'll find lists of local clubs, groups, entertainers, special events, stores and more! (I mean, it's probably what you came here for, right?)

Or check out any of the fun and informative links in the sidebar on the left.

This site is accepting submissions.  Email me at for more information. 

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