The Warrior Method Workshops...

A Program for Rearing Healthy Black Boys

What People are Saying...

"After reading your book: The Warrior Method, meeting you in person, and now reading your BLOG, I can see that you practice what you preach."

     --- A father from Baltimore

"Your book has offered me much revelation as to what I should be aware of and conscious of while raising ____. The book has educated me in areas on topics I never in the past considered.  Please continue to empower, educate and uplift.  Good luck with future endeavors!"

    --- A mother from Baltimore

"Then there's brother Raymond Winbush who back in 2001 wrote a book called, The Warrior Method (TM) that offers parents methods on teaching black boys to better face some of the challenges they face -- socially and academically. With a $50,000 grant from the Will and Jada Pinkett Foundation, Winbush created 'The Warrior Institute' at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md. Will and Jada were so inspired by Winbush's methods that they used some of the concepts to teach their son. Now, Winbush has trained thousands of teachers and is traveling the country, going to school districts with large numbers of black males preaching and teaching them the values that will help black males succeed. All I know is that's the kind of effort and energy we all need to make a difference."

    --- Tom Joyner, Radio Talk Show Host

"I can't tell you how excited I am that you are returning to Columbus. We will have copies of the PowerPoint for the attendees and we have ordered copies of The Warrior Method book to pass out at your sessions, too."

    --- A Curriculum and Staff Developer, Columbus, Ohio Public School System

"Dr. Winbush:

I just this evening completed  reading your fabulous book The Warrior Method.  I found it tremendously convicting, challenging, and thoroughly inspiring!  Thank you for this work and the wisdom that it presents.  Though my children are now adults and doing well, I am very concerned about the current generation of black boys, adolescents, and young men and have a tremendous desire (now certainly a conviction) to become even more engaged, very directly, and very meaningfully in the lives of some young black boys who are fatherless or separated from there fathers."

    --- Prison Worker in Arizona

"Dear RAW"

Loved your workshop!"

    --- Taye Rucker, a teacher in Baltimore 

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