Redwood-River Valley Badger Wrestling









Get to the Mat and

Go  Badgers!



 2018 Raffle Winners

$500 Mike Bommersbach

$250 Dawn Ourada

$250 Melissa Aszmann

$100 Tony Ourada

$100 Andy Ourada

$100 Darcy Carlson

$100 Amanda Johnson

$100 Diane Jacobson 

$100 Lauren Zeug

$100 Lisa Engelmann

$100 Beth Lee

$100 Kristi Hagert

$100 Paul Dunn 










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UPDATED: 08/11/2016






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This site is devoted to Badger Wrestling on every level.  The web-site was designed to keep all involved in Badger Wrestling up to date with the latest happenings in Redwood- River Valley Wrestling.  We hope that everyone enjoys the site and provides any feed back they feel might be helpful.

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