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Show Champion Gunalt Muse at Rutilus JW  

Show Champion Rutilus Esuberante for Hundwith  

Hundwith Vanilla Ice (AI)

Greyfurs Hot Pink      Rutilus I'm Rhianna


Sh Ch Gunalt Razzle with Afterglow

and remembering:  Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor at Greyfurs JW ShCM 

The Weimaraner, originating in Germany, is Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) gundog.  Of medium size and pale silver grey with light coloured eyes the Weimaraner is - in our opinion - an outstanding member of the Gundog group.  They are an intelligent breed, not for everyone, but do make the most affectionate pets if trained and raised correctly.

David's first encounter with weimaraners was a number of years ago on a coach to a dog show when these silver grey dogs caught his eye.  Drawn to their striking appearance he became interested in the breed, meeting Marion McAngus and helping her show various dogs for her Greyfurs kennel.  The first weimaraner he showed was Greyfurs Lady Godiva who, at their first show together, was awarded Best of Breed and Group 2.  Coincidentally the first time he handled another dog for Marion - Cavalmist Cameo - she was also best of breed and group 2, and when Gunalt Muse won her first Championship Show best of breed, she was also group 2 - spooky!  David attended Border Counties Gundog open show, which was then held in a rather cramped sports hall in Carlisle.  A weimaraner who really caught his eye was Gunalt Sum of Brownbank (who later became a Sh Ch).  David loved his make and shape, style, and his effervescent attitude - and wanted one just like him!

Having done some research into the breed, it transpired that the majority of weimaraners who impressed David greatly were all from the Gunalt kennel, and all bred by Stephen and Patsy Hollings.  After a short wait, the first Rutilus weimaraner became Gunalt Rustle with Rutilus who enjoyed success at her first few shows, but did not like the showring.  She had a beautiful head and the most wonderful front assembly, and has passed on these virtues to her children, one of whom is a CC winner.  'Tia' did manage to get herself together enough to enjoy showing every now and again and claimed Best Puppy In Show at the Weimaraner Association Championship Show.  The second Weimaraner to bear the affix rose to the heights of stardom during her first year of showing - this being Sh Ch Gunalt Muse at Rutilus JW ShCM - who was top puppy in the UK that year (2005) and won a CC as a junior.  Following on from this she won 4 more CC's and numerous RCC's and was group 2 at Bath 2006 behind the top dog of that year.  Unfortunately motherhood did not suit her; her first litter by C section saw only one survivor, and from the next Rutilus litter it was again a C section from which we retained a male - who later gained his title.

Being continually impressed with the quality dogs produced by Stephen and Patsy Hollings of Gunalt fame that we invested in a male who was out of the top winning Sh Ch Gunalt Intuition - this chap eventually became Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor.  In another spooky coincidence, Muse and Inquisitor gained their titles on the same day, each having won 3CC's and 4RCC's and being Pup of the Year Final qualifiers - each having won their first ticket from junior, second from limit and third from open!  Inquisitor had great success in the show ring winning 5CC's and 11RCC's.  He produced well and from him we retained Greyfurs Hot Pink who is proving to be an excellent mother, passing on her exemplary temperament.  He himself produced two show champion offspring.

The KC standard asks for the Weimaraner to be "a picture of power, stamina and balance" and that the breed should be constructed in moderation througout - in other words, no exaggerations!  The hunting ability of the breed is to be of "paramount concern" also, which is why we hope to test the working ability of our own dogs at some point, when time will allow.

Weimaraners make absolutely wonderful pets.  They are friendly and protective - the standard asks of them to be "fearlesss", eaisily trainable and obedient, and very alert.  They can be quite a challenge however, and need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to occupy their keen and intelligent mind.  One of our main concerns when breeding is temperament as the dogs we own all have kind, sensible temperaments - something which we wouldn't change for the world!

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Weimaraner puppies, showing the characteristic stripes, at just a few days old.


Show Champion


Sh Ch Gunalt Unstoppable x Sh Ch Gunalt Muse at Rutilus JW ShCM



Hip Score 2/3.   A proven sire and available at stud.

3 CC's, 2 BoB.

"Oliver" - owned by David, David & Anne-Marie

A proven sire.  Fresh, chilled and frozen semen available.

We made the decision in 2011 to have one last litter from 'Maizie', and that we would go back to our original idea and use Sh Ch Gunalt Unstoppable from Mianja (Elliot) as not only is he a super dog with great show results, his temperament is second to none.  We had mated Maizie to Elliot back in 2006 however at the time the mating didn't produce puppies so we decided to use another dog at that time.  We were so impressed with this litter by Elliot - mum and dad did a great job!  From around 6 weeks Oliver stood out for us and has been growing on well.  He lives with Annemarie and her children Ciaran and Mitchell and is settling in to busy famly life very well indeed.  His temperament is probably his most endearing quality, being quite the clown but very soft with it.  He never has a cross word to say about anything or to anyone and is a perpetually happy hound!


Oliver is proving his worth as a stud dog and we are already impressed by the quality of offspring he is producing.  From an excellent litter bred in Scotland by Gordon Haran and Marion Waddell, Magregor Champerno was sent to Slovakia to be shown and is growing on very nicely.  A Hundwith litter, out of Sh Ch Hundwith Dewpoint, produced Hundwith Volante who is looking like a very exciting prospect in South Africa.  A recent export by him, out of our Greyspirit Hot Pink, has already been graded "very promising" multiple times in his Polish homeland.


Here are some photos of Oliver's growth and development........


Eight weeks...

First training class, with mum:

Four months...

...and now at his first champ show - where he won minor puppy, puppy and of course best puppy dog:

Later in 2012, Oliver was awarded Best Puppy In Show at the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain's annual championship show, under to breed specialist judges: Miss Ruth Longbottom (Catruane) (dog judge) and Miss Julie Turner (Rockleyan) (bitch judge and BIS co-judge).

And now a little older and wining again at the Weimaraner Association Championship Show, May 2013, where he won limit dog:

To date Oliver has won "Limit Dog" (a high level award class) on five occasions and won his third CC in July 2014.

Oliver is proving his worth as a sire.  A picture below of his daughter, out of Sh Ch Hundwith Dewpoint, taken at 8 weeks of age demonstrates his ability to produce top quality, moderate, typical offspring:


CC awards from:

Jo Hesford (Pipwell)

David Brigden (Braithwaite)

Ruth Longbottom (Catruane)


Sh Ch Gunalt Muse at Rutilus JW ShCM

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanatic (AI) x Sh Ch Gunalt Ruffles - DoB 28/09/04

Owned and adored by David & Annemarie

4CC's, 3 BOB, 6RCC's, Gundog group 2 (Bath 2006), POTY Finalist 2006, UK Top Puppy 2005.

Crufts Best Veteran & RBCC 2014.

Crufts Class Winner 2008 - 1st Open Bitch.

Multi Open Show Best of Breed, Group & BIS winner.  Best In Show at the North of England Weimaraner Society Show November 2007.

Maizie, as she is affectionately know, is a dog in a million and an absolute dream in every way.  On October 16th 2008 Maizie whelped however it wasn't the easiest litter for her, but one puppy survived - Rutilus I'm Rhianna (so named by Annemaries youngest son, Mitchell).  She can be seen below.  A later litter produced an outstanding male which we retained, Rutilus Esuberante for Hundwith

Bred by Stephen and Patsy Hollings, Maizie is by the 2006 Crufts BOB winning Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanatic (AI) out of the top brood bitch Sh Ch Gunalt Ruffles.  Her pedigree features some of the most famous and top winning weimaraners of all time.

Maizie has been successfully shown since a minor puppy.  At the very first championship show she attended, as a precocious 6 month old, she won the minor puppy class, the puppy class, and then best puppy in breed.  This was a start of a whirlwind year (2005) where she picked up 5 BP awards, a gundog puppy group, qualified for the prestigious Pup Of The Year Stakes and won a CC.  Maizie was top weimaraner puppy (UK wide) for 2005. 

Maizie returning to good health around 12 weeks after having puppies


Her temperament is absolutely phenomenal and she takes everything in her stride.  Those whom she meets are immediately greeted with a kind face and a tail which never stops wagging.  Maizie has lived with Annemarie and is best mates with Annemarie's two wonderful children, Ciaran and Mitchell, whom she adores.  This kind and easy going temperament has been passed on to her children, whom we are extremely proud of.


CC awards from:

Freda Marshall

Jacqueline Ward (Mianja)

Gary Scobell (Sybaris)

Editha Newton


Hundwith Vanilla Ice (AI)

Sh Ch Sireva Sackadallion with Lowerdon x Sh Ch Hundwith Dewpoint



'Rosemary' added a new dimension to Rutilus weimaraners when she arrived, at 100mph, into our lives in 2012.  She is a massively endearing character; living life very much in the fast lane, but quite enjoying a cuddle when she's not keeping the other dogs on their toes.


Rosemary has enjoyed a very successful start to her show career and has won numerous classes.  She thoroughly enjoys showing - absolutely nothing phases her and she thinks it is all great fun.  She was awarded her first CC in April 2014.

 CC awards from:

Chris Hill (Scalene)



Greyfurs Hot Pink

Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor at Greyfurs JW ShCM x Cavalmist Cameo at Greyfurs JW ShCM - 06.04.08

Owned by David A.

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Runner Up Top Puppy 2008

Best puppy bitch at Crufts 2009

Championship show multiple class winner.  Best of Breed and group placer at Open Shows.


Just a baby...

...and a bit more grown up now...

"P!nk" started off her show career well by qualifying for Crufts.  She was BPIB at LKA Championship Show in Birmingham, after winning two classes, and was BPIB and BPIS at the HPR Club of Scotland in December 2008.  At the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Top Dog Competition in February 2009, Pink was handled by Annemarie and, under judge Steve Hall, was awarded Reserve Top Puppy in some very strong competition.

Owing to David's hectic schedule at Crufts, Pink was masterfully handled by James Kelly (Vansant).  Winning Puppy Bitch, 2nd in Junior Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch, the judge comments:  "Alcorn & Swan's Greyfurs Hot Pink, well handled puppy of pleasing colour, nice straight front, good neck & body length, fair brisket & developing rearquarters, had the outstanding merit of coming to a standstill with both feet pointing forward in the same direction unlike some others in the class.  Mr R A F Ford (Judge)"

Pink is now all grown up and semi-retired from showing as she simply has no enthusiasm for it; she would far rather be at home curled up somewhere warm and comfortable.


We do, occasionally, stand her up for the occasional photo and as you can see below she still retains a great outline.  We are confident that if she enjoyed showing she could have done very well indeed.

Pink spends most of her time at home or at "Granny Alcorn's" where she enjoys relaxing (especially on the couch when David isn't there!!!!!).  Whilst everyone who sees her says "you should show her, she's so much better than a lot out there that's winning", we only occasionally take Pink for a venture into the showring ... and it would seem limited showing suits her as she has enjoyed it on her few recent outings!

Because of her exceptional temperament and great pedigree we have decided to breed from Pink.  To date she has produced some beautiful babies, one of note being Rutilus Dear Mr President, Lincoln.  Lincoln was exported to South Africa in January 2013 and has made a great account for himself in the show ring gaining his SA Show Champion title and multiple CC awards.

Despite her laid back attitude, Pink is an accomplished swimmer:




Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor at Greyfurs JW ShCM x Sh Ch Gunalt Muse at Rutilus JW

Very proudly bred by David & Annemarie and now owned and adored by the McNaught Family.

At her first show at six months and 2 days old, Anna wins her class, BPIB and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!! 

All breeds open show BIS winner at 16 months old.

Very much BRED IN THE "RED"!

A very special young lady who fought against everything to be here, Anna is like a dream come true. She has a sparkling, outgoing personality and a constant cheeky glint in her eye.  She possesses the good looks of both her parents and much is hoped for in her show career.

Whilst Anna shaped up to be a superb show dog, because she was a single puppy home life was a little more difficult for her as she always wanted to be the centre of attention.  With our busy lives and other dogs to consider, we decided that it would be best for Anna if she were to find a family of her own, where she could be centre of attention all day every day.  After some time the right family came along and Anna now lives with the McNaughts in Glasgow.  She comes to stay when they are on holiday and it's always great to see her.  The McNaughts keep her in perfect condition and she is so happy, thank you guys.  And thank you Anna, for settling so well with your new mum and dad and brothers and sisters, you're doing us proud kid!

Anna really only has one pace - FAST!


We decided to reintroduce Anna to the show ring in 2014.  At her first open show she topped an entry of 500 dogs to take the accolade of "BEST IN SHOW" and at her first championship show in a number of years she gained her stud book number by being second in open bitch.


Sadly Anna hasn't produced any puppies.  Yet!


Sh Ch Gunalt Razzle with Afterglow

Sh Ch Gunalt Good Will x Gunalt Occhiali - DoB 06/03/07

Owned my Mike Gadsby and Jason Lynn, Blackpool


Multiple best of breed, group and best in show winner at open shows.

"Dazzle" came to stay with us in 2009 and settled in so well that we thought she deserved a special mention on our website!

'Dazzle' was also bred by Stephen and Patsy Hollings and is owned by Mike Gadsby and Jason Lynn of the world famous Afterglow kennel.  Jason showed Dazzle to her title, which she gained at a very young age.

During her stay in Scotland we have taken Dazzle to a few open shows, just for the day out, however on each occasion she has topped the breed and gone on to win the gundog group, on the first occasion also picked up reserve best in show!

CC Awards from:

Carole Tranquade (Castanho)

Jane Wright (Hofstetter)

Gary Scobell (Sybaris)


And remembering ...

Sh Ch Gunalt Inquisitor at Greyfurs JW ShCM

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanatic (AI) x Sh Ch Gunalt Intuition.  DoB 23/08/05

Owned and loved by David & Marion McAngus (Greyfurs Weimaraners)

6CC's, 2BOB (and twice group shortlisted as a junior!), 11RCC's, multiple BOB, group and BIS winner at open shows.

Crufts Class Winner 2008 - 1st Open Dog & Res DCC!

In July 2010 we had to say a very sad and untimely goodbye to our wonderful boy after a short illness.  He was adored by all who met him and will be remembered fondly in the hearts of all, and in the delightful offspring he produced in his all too short time with us.

Merlin was co-owed by David with Marion McAngus of the Greyfurs Kennel, however as Annemarie is always on hand to assist at shows when Marion cannot attend, she had a special place in her heart for him too!

Yet another purchase from Stephen and Patsy's Gunalt kennel, Merlin made an impression on everyone he met and was adored by all.  A top winner since puppy, he was David's second weimaraner to qualify for the prestigious Pup Of The Year stakes finals.  Merlin won a total of 6CC's and 11 RCC's.  His two best of breeds were won with his first two CC's and despite being one of the youngest members competing in the gundog group on each occasion he was shortlisted amidst very strong competition.  One of Merlin's RCC's was won at Crufts 2007.  Merlin also won numerous group and BIS's at open shows as well as countless best of breeds - we ran out of wall space for the rosettes!

Not only was Merlin an exceptional show dog, he proved to be a useful sire through limited use.  His daughter, Greyfurs Gina Gee, already a BIS winner has now amassed 2CC's and we hope her magic third might be on its way soon.  His son, Shonhund Showvanist for Errytar, winner of BPIS at the North of England Weimaraner Show in October 2008 is also winning his way nicely up the classes for owner Rachel Clarke.  We wish all of Merlin's progeny the best of luck and look forward to seeing them in the ring and out the ring as a way to keep the memory of our boy alive.  The youngsters which he has produced who are not being shown and proving to be wonderful family pets with his totally laid back and calm attitude.


CC awards from:

Donna Holman (Silvanus)

Michael Gadsby

Gary Scobell (Sybaris)

Carolyn Alston (Flimmoric)

Di Arrowsmith (Fleetapple)

Charles Rayner (Raystans)