Rustic Rabbitry

Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

Page last updated: February 15, 2013

Polish Juniors


Rustic's Invited Back

(Rustic's Special Invitation x G.C. Rustic's RA1)

    - 2 legs

Super promising young buck!  Massive head and very nice ears.  I would like a little more roundness over his hips, but overall a nice jr. Awesome coat right now.  Half brother to '09 National BOB.

Rustic's Only By Invitation

(Rustic's Special Invitation x G.C. Rustic's RA1)

    - 1 leg

Another promising young buck.  He's not as mature as his brother above but I like his overall depth and type better.  He has a gorgeous head but his ears are laid back on his head.  Half brother to '09 National BOB

Rustic's Aria

(Rustic's Special Invitation x G.C. Rustic's RA1)

    - 2 legs

Gorgeous young doe. This whole litter was spectacular.  Overall a really pretty profiled doe, she reminds me so much of Rousseau as a young doe. 

Rustic's Artful

(G.C. Rustic's Damascus x G.C. Rustic's Artifacts)

She is still quite young but incredibly promising body.  She's going to have a big head!  Jut wish she had better ear placement.


Rustic's Misty Morn

(G.C. Rustic's Lost in the Fog x Rustic's Celeste)

This jr. buck shows tons of promise,  He's still working on a show coat but once he gets it I think he will be beating his sire on the table.



Rustic's Lake Effect

(G.C. Rustic's Lost in the Fog x Rustic's Celeste)

This guy is my only broken prospect right now and he sure is nice.  He has a lot of mass to him.  Super depth and width of body.  He has a grgeous front end.  Flashy coat and pattern. 



Rustic's Folklore

(G.C. Rustic's Forego x G.C. Ellyn's SUZY)

    - 2 legs

Super deep little doe.  She has awesome bloodlines, her sire was my 2012 National BOS and her dam was the 2009 Nat. Spec. BOS winner.