Rustic Rabbitry

Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

Chocolate Does

Last Updated:  April 5, 2012

G.C. Rustic's Zarina

(G.C. Drew's OV X G.C. Rustic's Zarkava)

    - 10 legs

    - BOV '09 Conv.-

This doe is my nicest chocolate she is absolutely gorgeous, awesome type and great color.  One of my top show does, she is also out of my best producing line.  She is making very nice babies.

G.C. Rustic's Last Detail

(G.C. Drew's OV X G.C. Drew's FD)

    - 4 legs

    - 2nd Choc. Jr. Doe '10 Convention, 4th Sr. Doe '11 Nationals

She has a huge head and awesome ears, very nice type.  A gorgeous young doe, she would give Zarina a run for her money.

G.C. Rustic's Artifacts


(G.C. Drew's OV X G.C. Rustic's Rousseau)

    - 4 legs

Huge head, nice short ears.  Very nice type, broke her leg as a junior so missed Nationals.

G.C. Rustic's Via

(G.C. Drew's OV X G.C. Rustic's Kaley)

    - 3 legs

    - 3rd Choc. Jr. Doe '09 Convention; 1st  Sr. doe '10 Nat. All Breed show

A very nice young senior.  She has lovely, deep type, a massive head but a tad thin on her ear.  She has a beautiful coat of fur on right now. 

WBR's Flower


(G.C. Dre's Atlas x Drew's Gracie)

A nice Sr. doe from Granite, she has some awesome bloodlines and I hope to get a couple litters out of her even though she's older.