Rustic Rabbitry

Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

Page last updated: February 15, 2013

Broken Chocolates

G.C. Rustic's Sophi

(Drew's 87 X G.C. Drew's FD)

    - 14 legs

    - BOSV 2011 Nat. Convention, BIS(1200+) 2010 MI State 4-H show; 4th broken Jr. doe '09 Conv; 4th broken Sr. doe '10 Nationals

This doe is awesome and one of DB87's finest.  Now a brood doe, making some top babies.

G.C. Drew's FD

(G.C. Drew's BUSH X G.C. Drew's EF)

     - 3 legs-

Dam of: 2012 National BOS, 2011 Convention BOV and BOSV brokens, 2011 National Spec. BOSV, BIS winner
Broken Chocolate Sr. doe.  Very nice doe, excellent type.  Shown briefly and then went straight to the breeding pen.  She has great bloodlines, her father was BOS at the 2008 Nationals in open and her dam is 1/2 sibling to 3 BIS winners.  My BEST producing doe!

G.C. Ellyn's Sault Ste. Marie (SUZY)

Quality Broken Chocolate Polish Rabbit body type*Photo courtesy to Ellyn Eddy 

(Drew's/Ellyn's Raider X Ellyn's Scribble Pad)

     -5 legs-

     -3rd Broken Sr. doe '09 Nationals, BOSV/BOS day after '09 Nat.-

A gorgeous little doe, she is on loan to me from Ellyn Eddy.  She has a good head and ear, very nice type.  One of the best coats I've felt in a long time.  Great bloodlines, is related to several top rabbits. 

Rustic's R23

(G.C. Ellyn's Dexter x G.C. Drew's FD)

This doe was never shown, however she is nearly a full sibling to Forego.  They share the same dam and their sires were littermates.  Just a big brood doe, but she has HUGE litters of 7-9.
Rustic's Payton
(G.C. Rustic's Fair Play x Rustic's RoxDene)
    - 5 Jr. Legs
This doe just turned Sr. and I can't wait for her to show some this spring and then be bred.  She is such a deep smooth doe.  Her head is too small to balance.
WBR's 40C
(WBR's Dirt x G.C. Rustic's Chippewa)
    - 3 Jr. legs
Another young Sr.  She has very nice depth and a tremendous coat/super dark color. 

Broken Blacks

Rustic's Scout
(VanLuven's V1 x G.C. Ellyn's SUZY)

    - 8th Broken Jr. Doe 2012 ARBA Convention

Flashy young doe, currently bred to BUZZ

Baker's BSG

(G.C. Baker's GABE x G.C. Baker's SKYE)

A new doe I picked up from the 2012 Convention Polish auction.  Her sire was BOV Chocolate 2012 Conv(youth) and her dam was 1st place at both 2010 ARBA Conv and 2011 Nationals(youth).  This doe's grandsire on top and bottom is Drew's 1K who won BOS at the 2010 ARBA Convention(youth).  Super excited to have her and get some babies out of her.  I LOVE the depth on this doe!

G.C. Rustic's/WBR's FS

(G.C. Rustic's Forego x G.C. Ellyn's Serenade)
Gorgeous young doe, super excited to get babies from her.  As a plus, there is a good chance she carries blue!

WBR's A3

(G.C. Drew's Atlas x G.C. Ellyn's Serenade)
Lovely young doe, she has exceptional bloodlines and should cross very well with my stock.  I love her depth and excellent texture to her coat.

Broken Blues

G.C. Rustic's Cheyenne

(G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate x G.C. Potter's Cherice)

    - 12 legs

    - 3rd Broken Sr. doe 2011 Nationals - B4Class 2011 MI State 4H show

Huge head, wide smooth body.  Gorgeous coat and color.  She could use more depth overall.


Rustic's Celeste

(G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate x G.C. Potter's Cherice)

    - 2 legs

    - 8th Broken Sr. Doe 2011 ARBA Convention

She never showed as well as her sister however she produces gorgeous babies.


G.C. WBR's Panda


(G.C. BHR's Cadet x Wiley's BW4)

This doe was a fancy little show doe in her day.  She is out of a doe I sold to Granite W. She should carry REW.