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Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

Black Polish Does

Last Updated: February 15, 2013

G.C. Rustic's Rousseau

(Drew's 87 X G.C. Rustic's RA1)

     - 8 legs-

     - BOB/BOV 2009 Polish Nationals, 5th Black Jr. doe '08 Nat. Conv.-

Absolutely gorgeous doe, a replica of her mother RA1.  Great head and ear, super deep and full.  She is such a typey little doe, hopefully makes babies as nice as herself.  I finally got a live baby out of her after a year of trying, he looks absolutely stunning!

G.C. Rustic's RA1 

(Drew's Billy X G.C. BDJ's AM3)

     -14 legs-

     - BOS 08 National Specialty, BOB day after 08 Nationals show; BOV '09 Nat. Conv-

Wow, what an incredibly nice doe.  She produced my '09 Best of Breed winner.  She has an awesome head and ear.  Really great full deep body type.  Beautiful coat and color.  My top black show doe, she is the best rabbit in my barn.  After weaning another litter I pulled her out and showed her where she won five more legs, including a National BOV. 

G.C. Rustic's Kaley

(Drew's 87 X Glenn's PG34)

     - 6 Legs-

     - 1st Black Sr. doe 2008 National Convention, 4th Black Sr. doe '09 Nat. Conv.-

Awesome upcoming show doe, took her to her first show and she won 2 legs.  Excellent head and ear, she has an incredible body, supurb coat.  She got her Sr. leg her first time out as a Sr. and what a win!  She was 1st place Black Sr. doe at the 2008 Convention.  One of DB87's finest babies, and a plus she carries Blue.  Put back on the showtables after weaning her last litter where she won two more legs. 

G.C. Rustic's Zarkava

(Drew's 87 X G.C. Rustic's RA1)

     - 6 legs-

     - 1st Black Sr. doe '09 National Specialty, 4th Black Jr. doe '08 Nat. Convention-

Another beautiful young Sr. doe.  She has a very nice head and ear; very good type, but could use a touch more depth over her shoulder, lovely coat.  Has shown extremely well and is littermate to '09 Nat. BOB.  She was 1st place in the '09 day after show.  She produced Zarina who was BOV chocolate at the '09 Conv, Zenyatta the 1st Brk Sr doe '10 Conv, and Zena the 5th blk jr doe '10 Conv.

Rustic's Gypsy

(G.C. Rustic's Forego X Rustic's Jillian)

  - 2 legs

  - 15th/53 Jr. Does 2012 ARBA Conv

Gorgeous young Sr, very nice head and ear.  Great depth. 

Rustic's Zoe

(G.C. Rustic's Forego X G.C. Rustic's Zarkava)

Nice head and ear, super deep type.  She lacks some fullness in her loin.  Better coat and color than her sister.  Has made some very nice babies, including 4th brk jr buck 2012 ARBA Conv.

G.C. Rustic's Cicada

(Rustic's Cisco X Glenn's OGL6)

     - 3 legs

Small, typey Sr. doe.  Nice head, ears scissor slightly.  She has very nice depth, and carries Blue.  She produced the 2012 National BOSV Blue.

Rustic's Bailey

(G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate x G.C. Rustic's RA1)

This little doe has bloodlines to spare.  Her sire won BOB at the 2010 ARBA Conv, her dam won BOS at the 2008 Nat. Specialty show A and BOB in the 2008 National Specialty show B.  Bailey herself is a half sister to my 2009 National BOB winner, and multiple National BOV/BOSV rabbits.  I sold her at the 2010 Conv and am proud to have her back in the barn!

G.C. Pepper's Midnight


(Glenn's Malachi x Doyle's P26)

    - 9 legs

This doe was given to me by a local breeder.  She has super depth and carries blue!  She should be a big asset to my blue breeding program.  Her dam's sire was the Open BOS winner at the 2007 National show. 

Rustic's Mia

(Drew's 87 X KC's MEG)

    - 2 legs

A larger doe, nicely typed though.  She is producing nice babies.