Rustic Rabbitry

Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

- Here are rabbits that I have won with at Nationals/Convention or have bred that have won at this level with another breeder-

2011 ARBA Convention

BOV Broken- G.C. Rustic's Forego

BOSV Broken- G.C. Rustic's Sophi

2010 ARBA Convention

BOB/BOV Black- G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate

2009 ARBA Convention- Youth

BOV Black- G.C. Rustic's RA1

BOV Blue- Rustic's LuCee

BOV Chocolate- G.C. Rustic's Zarina

2009 Nationals- Youth

BOB/BOV Black- G.C. Rustic's Rousseau

BOSV Black- G.C. Ellyn's Baxter

BOSV Blue- G.C. Rustic's R32

2009 National Spec.

BOV Blue- G.C. Rustic's R32

2009 Day After Nat'l

BOB/BOV Broken- G.C. Rustic's Snoopy, Owned & shown by Mitch Campbell

BOS/BOSV Broken- G.C. Ellyn's SUZY

2008 Nationals

BOV Broken- G.C. Rustic's Halli

2008 National Spec. A

BOS/BOSV Black- G.C. Rustic's RA1

2008 National Spec. B

BOB/BOV Black- G.C. Rustic's RA1

BOV Blue- G.C. Glenn's BP15

BOSV Blue- G.C. Rustic's Charmayne