Rustic Rabbitry

Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

Foundation Herd

Here are the animals that are no longer at Rustic Rabbitry but made a huge impact on my herd.


Drew's DB87
 *Photo courtesy of Ellyn Eddy
(G.C. Yin Yang's Jason x G.C. Drew's Pebbles)
2 legs

Sire of: 2009 National BOB winner, 2008 National BOV Broken, 2011 ARBA Convention BOSV Broken, and countless top 5's at Nationals/Convention.  
He is most notably known as a brood doe sire.  His does are the foundation of my herd.

Ellyn's Irate Pirate
(Drew's XT x Tri R's Chardon)
23 legs - This buck won BOB for me at the 2010 ARBA Convention in Open.

Sire of: 2009 National BOSV Black, 2009 National Specialty BOV Blue, 2009 ARBA Convention BOV Blue, 2012 National BOSV Blue, multiple National and Convention Top 5's.
This buck revolutionized my Blue lines and sired some fantastic sons that are still producing for me.

Ellyn's Dexter
(G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate x Drew's/Ellyn's Phlox)
5 legs

Sire of: 2nd place Black Jr. buck 2011 ARBA Convention, 1st place Black Sr. buck 2012 Nationals.
I didn't use this guy much, but when I did he always threw fabulous kits.

Ellyn's Baxter
*Photo courtesy of Ellyn Eddy
(G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate x Drew's/Ellyn's Phlox)
4 legs - BOSV at the 2009 Nationals for me

Sire of: Rustic's Forego who is the winner of 43 legs, the 2012 National BOS winner, 2011 ARBA Convention BOV Broken, and 2011 National Specialty BOSV Broken.
I only used this buck for one breeding and WOW!  

Ellyn's Rocky
(Ellyn's Nip x Drew's/Ellyn's Dumbo)
9 legs
Sire of: Rustic's Snoopy 45+ legs and BOB at the 2009 National Specialty for owner Mitch Campbell

Drew's Billy
(G.C. Drew's Dale x Drew's K.C.)
7 legs

Sire of:  Rustic's RA1, 2008 National Spec. Show A BOS, 2008 National Specialty B BOB, 2009 ARBA Convention BOV Black.
Even though he only had a few litters here, they had a huge impact on my herd.  RA1 is the foundation doe of my line, she produced my 2009 National BOB winner.


SugarCreek's CeeCee
(G.C. Drew's Dale x Stable Rm's Mary)
2 legs

This doe always threw fantastic does, one of which I still have(KayCee).  Her daughter KayCee has been the dam of 1 ARBA Convention BOV, 1 National BOV, and 3 National Specialty BOSV's.

Potter's Cherice
(G.C. Potter's Trailblazer x Burkhalter's DF3)
15 legs - BOV Broken 2007 Open Polish National Specialty

This doe had multiple fabulous babies and had a major impact on my blue herd.  

Rustic's Halli
(Drew's DB87 x Ellyn's Honey)
13 legs - BOV Broken 2008 Nationals
Dam of: multiple National/Convention 1st-5th winners.