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Club meetings

are held every Thursday night at 9-11pm at the Campbell Library, on the first floor in the big conference room, same time and place as last semester.

Congrats to our graduates!
Any alumni who would like to be features on our alumni page, please email a picture and paragraph to the webmaster

Page updated as of 09/12/07

Site Contents

  • About Us- What SFF club us about, and a little of our history.
  • Alumni Page- Our graduated members are featured here. This page includes pictures and stories from our alumni point of view.
  • Club Constitution- Required by all Rowan organizations, this document displays rules, regulations, and positions of SFF club.
  • Creative Corner- This is an area where our members can display their SciFi Fantasy related art, poems, stories, films, etc... however far your imagination has taken you!
  • Eboard- Current pictures and contact information of our official club eboard... everyone from President to Special Events Coordinator.
  • Games- Bored? Procrastinating? Get addicted to oldschool games like Pong and Tetris on this page.
  • Guestbook- You know the drill. Sign here.
  • Join Us- Fill out our web form and start getting our club emails.
  • Links- Where are members are on the web. LiveJournal, FaceBook, MySpace, SFF World News, and Member Recommended Links.
  • Minutes & Emails- Club minutes (official notes taken at our club meetings) and Emails are listed here for your convenience
  • Pictures- A photo gallery full of random pictures taken at club meetings and events
  • Poll Crazy- Vote on official club decisions or express your opinion about SFF related debates
  • Service Projects- We are required by Rowan to complete a certain amount of service projects each semester. Find out what we are doing on this page.


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