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ROZZ TOP 5 SONGS + Stories + Trivia


Please submit your top 5 Rozz songs by emailing

I will post them with your initials only...please keep Rozz's memory alive...thanks for your help


as chosen by


1. Hall of Mirrors (from Shadow Project - From the Heart)

2. Cervix Couch (from Christian Death - Catastophe Ballet)

3. Cavity - First Communion (from Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain)

4. Spectre (Love is Dead) (from Christian Death - Invocations)

5. Haloes (from Christian Death - Invocations)

Some honorable metnions:

Face (from Christian Death - Ashes)

Dogs (From Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain - Bonus Tracks)

Desperate Hell (From Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain - Bonus Tracks)


as chosen by J.M.

1. Best of the Breed (from Rozz Williams - The Whorse's Mouth)

2. Cavity - First Communion (from Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain)

3. A Brother of Low Degree (from Rozz Williams - The Whorse's Mouth)

4. Epitaph (Time Will) (from Shadow Project - Shadow Project)

5. Working On Beyond (from Shadow Project - Shadow Project)

 (live versions appear on Christian Death - Invocations & Rozz Williams - Live in Berlin)

Some honorable mentions: 

"Spoken Words" from the "And Then There was Death" dvd, 

"Into the Light," "Amatures" (a poem read at Rozz's last show), 

"Desperate Hell, " and "The Blue Heart", 

the song that is said to be Rozz's first spoken word piece. 



The original Christian Death did only 26 shows in the Los Angeles area from 1980-1985.
 A list of all of those clubs' names and addresses will be found below.

Rozz's favorite cocktail was a "Scorpion", here's how to make it:
 1 part brandy
 6 parts light rum
 6 parts orange juice
 4 parts sour mix

Combine above ingredients with ice and mix in blender until smooth.

Rozz applied to the Retail Slut clothing store on December 11, 1997, just
 3.5 months before his suicide. That store is located at 7308 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA
 Another job he held prior to that was Le Sex Shoppe, 4877 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

Rozz's favorite book was "Cities of the Red Night" by William S. Burroughs.
 He read it 8 times. 

The first 3 albums Rozz bought were:
 David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
 New York Dolls - New York Dolls
 Mott the Hoople - Mott Live

The last 3 albums Rozz bought were:
 Patti Smith - Gone Again
 Jim Morrison Interview bootleg
 Gary Glitter - Greatest Hits

Rozz's parents (Robert and Gladys Painter) lived at
 20081 Bear Valley Rd, Apple Valley, CA.

Rozz tragically died at his own hands  by a tie-down strap from his cupboard door knob on April 1, 1998,
 exact time unknown.

List of  bands that played on the same bills
   as Christian Death & Shadow Project:
45 Grave *
5051 *
Adolescents (Fullerton, O.C.) *
Astrovamps *
Beezlebub Youth *
Castration Squad *
China White *
Colonial Moe *
Cradle of Thorns *
The Cramps *
Crucial Truth *
The Decadents *
Descendents *
D.I. * (from Fullerton, O.C.)
Eddie & The Subtitles *
Flesheaters *
Funeral * (from Long Beach)
Gears *
Geko *
Gobscheit *
Killer Pussy *
Kommunity FK *
The Last Dance *
Leaving Trains *
Mad Society *
Manson Youth *
Modern Industry *
Modern Torture *
Modern Warfare * (from O.C.)
Nervous Gender *
Omlits *
Pain Emission *
Plag *
Quijita *
Red Brigade *
Sacred Lies *
Screams for Tina
Social Distortion (from O.C.) *
Voice of Destruction *
Wasted Youth *



I keep hearing interesting stories from people who knew Rozz in California,
so I'd like to share them with his fans.  I haven't seen anyone else doing this...
All quoted-sources will remain absolutely anonymous. 
Please note that asterisks ***  separate different sources of stories ,
thanks for reading..


some people say he was mean rude or otherwise...
i couldn't explain why their meeting went bad,
but every time i met him he was sweet as a lamb,
as i didnt ask for much, never asked him why he
didnt play a c.d. song.  i didnt go to a shadow project show just to hear c.d.,
I just complimented on shows and such.  I tried to see
every shadow project southern California show I could..
c.d. reunions the whole bit...


My old project "Darkroom" got to open for Heltir in 1997.
We also opened up for Premature Ejaculation around the same time.
I have a copy of our flyer for the one show with Rozz on my
 my space:
My friend and I got to hang out with Rozz a few times
before his death. One time we went to Vinyl Fetish in Hollywood,
and we had a great time. Rozz ended up
 signing a bunch of my records, and I will never
 forget how nice he was... It's great that you are
 keeping his genius alive with your nice web site


(Another major Rozz fan wrote)  Apart from N. Fuller
Avenue and the Niche (Hollywood Forever Cemetery),
other spots of 'pilgrimage' would be up on
Errol Flynn Estate (entrance straight
up from N. Fuller Ave) just past the disused tennis
court. That's where the 'funeral' memorial service was
held and his ashes spread as it was Rozz's favourite
place to go and hang out.
Then there's the back bar inside Cantor's, again Rozz
spent a whole lot of time there as he used to live
around the corner near Fairfax at one point before he
moved in with Ryan on N. Fuller. Nico and Rozz
basically wrote the scenes for PIG there.


I've met Rozz in San Diego twice- after a show at Club Soil at the bar for a conversation
that lasted a while & in a hotel room aftershow, he was to himself
drinking in a corner, with about ten other people in the room.

After the show with Shadow Project in San Diego, he was drinking I think
water or something, then I asked if he wanted me to take him to a
liqour store because the club only served coffee, he went and asked Eva if
it was alright, and she said they had to go. Most of the other shows I
remember after the last song Rozz would immediately go to a room,
sit on the floor and shoot up, seeing him with the door opening and
closing by their closest friends. I also remember about the hotel after-party                                                                                                                                                                             there was this guy on the floor on something biting everyone
entering the room for fun, he was in full bondage. Those were the days! 

I also like Death in June, Coil, Sisters, Depeche, Marc Almond, Lycia,
MDC, Skinny Puppy, the list goes on & on... have a nice day


"The first picture I ever saw of Rozz Williams was in the book "California Hardcore: A History of Punk and New Wave," by Peter Belsito (available at
It was on my first trip to California in March of 1985..I saw it in a cool L.A. book store. I had never seen anyone like that, all decked out in white makeup and crazy black clothes.
Two years later, on my next trip to L.A., I rented a car just to drive to my favorite (mailorder) record store "Toxic Shock Records",  which had a walk-in store located East of Los Angeles, at the time in 1987, in Montclair, California.  I went straight to the counter and asked for "any Christian Death and Mighty Sphincter records."  They had "Only Theatre of Pain," the black and gold Frontier Records original album (as well as Mighty Sphincter's "Ghost Walking" and "New Manson Family" lps), and I still have them all to this day."   by Robb Marks
"Rozz wasn't always dressed-up in crazy clothes, that's a myth."
"I remember one night  Rozz and Eva played an acoustic show together at a club our band's manager ran in S.F. (believe it or not there wasn't but 30 people there for the show), and one guy in the audience kept saying hateful things to Rozz. And Rozz in his usual laid-back manner tried to ignore him as long as he could and finally said (in a very lady like way) "keep talking asshole and someones going to get your ass kicked".  Rozz and Eva got in a very hateful fight that night right in the middle of the dance floor. 
Rozz later came into the bathroom when I was in there and I asked him if he was ok. He replied with "Sometimes when she acts like that, it makes me wish I could go out and murder everyone in the world". He walked out and that's the last time I ever saw him. 3 months later he was dead. That show was one of the last shows he ever played. Right up till the time he died he was so unrespected and unnapreciated by so many people. I'm grateful for those who really gave a shit about his music creations.  Just listening to an album like 'Dreams for the dying' or 'Every King a Bastard Son' shows he had enormous talent that was never really noticed for how good it was by the majority of the music press. 
But though it is good to remember him it might be wise for some of his fans to learn from his mistakes. Though he was obviously known by many as a heroin addict, alcohol is what really killed him in the end.  One of his closest friends said that he told her that he had stopped drinking anything but hard booze. Not even water. He was so sick by that time if he hadn't hung himself he probably would have died anyway."
" for Rozz I have met him about 4 times and he was
always drunk treating the fans like shit, gave him a
press photo to sign but all he does is scribble on the
face, that pissed me one of his last very
shows (at the Glass House), he was so drunk that he had
to sit in a chair while his corset was falling off to
his knees. Only 16 people showed up to the gig and
my friend and I looked at each other and said ,
"Why are we here?" ....that very same night Christian Death
with Valor was playing at the Showcase Theater..
at the time I said to myself.."I WILL NEVER
unless he is with Valor doing the 'Ashes' and 'Catastrophe ballet'."
"I used to see Rozz in the Industrial room (of the club) all the time.
He wouldn't go near the Goth/Darkwave room."
"I met Rozz a few times and he was always drunk, that really upset me.  At the time to me
 a REAL Christian Death reunion would be with Valor and Rozz.  I've seen Shadow Project
 on stage many times, it was so dark..."

Rozz Intro and Directions to his Apartment

Rozz Intro:

On the following pages I'm going to provide some Rozz info that you may not have heard before. 

Living in Hollywood now gives me the opportunity to hear stories about Rozz,

so I guess you could call this the unauthorized Rozz Williams Website,  because

it will include some hear-say and interesting stories about Rozz,

not always flattering, but we all love Rozz exactly the way he was.

Rozz's Apartment Directions:

Firstly, on the homepage of the site I promised directions to Rozz's final apartment

in West Hollywood where he was tragically found dead on April 1, 1998. 

Assuming that you fly into Los Angeles, I'll give the directions from both

of the major airports.  Even if you don't go straight to his apartment,

these directions will allow you to find his apartment from any direction. 

From LAX, Los Angeles, California International Airport:

Take the 405 (aka "San Diego Freeway") North approximately 8 miles

and take the Santa Monica Boulevard exit.  Continue eastward on

Santa Monica Blvd through Beverly Hills,  you're heading away

from the Pacific Ocean.

When you see Garnder, Vista, and Martel Streets, in order, you're getting very close. 

The next street after Martel Avenue is North Fuller Avenue. 

Take a right on N. Fuller and continue driving until you find the 1200 block. 

Please note that N. Fuller sometimes ends and continues on, so you may need to

 turn once or twice to find where it continues. Continue driving until you see

1208 North Fuller on the left-hand side. 

 You'll see Rozz's apartment, the first closest to the street, Apartment 1.

Since late 2005 the building has been now separated from the sidewalk

with a fence. The building is a Southwest tan "Adobe" color.


From Burbank Airport:

Take the 5 Freeway South for about 5 miles, exit on the 2 freeway South

and look for the Sunset Boulevard exit

(Sunset is just 2 blocks north of Santa Monica Boulevard

(from above directions).  Take Sunset westward, 

you're heading towards the Pacific Ocean this way,

continue on Sunset westward through Hollywood for about 8 miles. 

When you see La Brea, Detroit, Formosa, Alta Vista, and

Poinsettia Place, you're getting close. 

The next street after Poinsettia Place is North Fuller Avenue. 

Make a left and look for 1208 N. Fuller Ave. 

Please note that N. Fuller sometimes ends and continues on,

so you may need to turn right, then look left to find

where N. Fuller continues.

You will find Rozz's apartment on the left of the

1200 block of North Fuller.   



Rozz as quoted

"I could die a thousand times, but I'll always be here..."---Rozz Williams"

In Life

Many of us have heard "The Scorpion" was Rozz's favorite cocktail.

This is how to make one:

Ingredients: 1.0 oz. Brandy
0.5 oz. Lemon juice
2.0 oz. Orange juice
2.0 oz. Light Rum
0.5 oz. Creme de Noyaux
Directions: Blend all ingredients with 3 oz. ice in a blender until smooth. Pour into glass.


One of Rozz's favorite bars was Boardner's, still located at

1652 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, California  - (323) 462-9621

In Death

courtesy of and A.J. Marik

Birth: November 6, 1963




Death: April 1, 1998  

Singer, lyricist, and musician. Known in the early 1980s as the king of gothic rock.

Formed the band Christian Death when he was only 16. (bio by: A.J. Marik)
Cause of death: Suicide by hanging

Hollywood Forever
Los Angeles County
California, USA
Plot: Chapel columbarium, 2nd floor, in the column near the top of the stairs.
Record added: September 13,  2001
A.J. Marik



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