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 Q: Why isn't there no road kill?

A: Only a very small fraction of the thousands of credible sighting reports describe near-misses with vehicles. No substantiated reports describe a collision with a bigfoot.
Every other large mammal in North America is far more abundant than bigfoots. Hundreds of near-misses happen with other animals before an animal is hit. Some species are hit more often than others. Deer often get "dazzled in the headlights" and stand paralyzed in the paths of trucks. Bigfoots seem to be far more intelligent than that.Those who have gotten closest to bigfoots say an analogy of "intelligent ape" is not as accurate as "hair-covered aboriginal man." Around humans their typical behavior is to flee or hide. They try to stay out of view or at least in the shadows when near people or moving vehicles. Many roadside sightings describe them hanging back in the shadows of a tree line and waiting for the cars to pass before they cross.

Q: Wouldn't there be an observable effect on the environment?

A: Occasionally one can find subtle signs of their presence in areas they happen to be feeding in. Those signs may be "observable," but they are only noticeable if you know what you are looking for. When skeptical scientists talk about an "observable effect on the environment," they mean destructive effects that are so pronounced and dramatic that anyone would immediately notice the aftermath of foraging bigfoots.

Q: How many bigfoots are there?

A: No one knows, and no one ever will know for sure. There are only estimates. The informed estimates range from roughly 2000 - 6000 individuals for all of North America (which includes all Canada and southern Alaska)

 Q: Is there any physical evidence at all?

A: Yes, there is quite a bit of physical evidence. Tracks, hairs, scat, and tree damage are all "physical evidence." People tend to misuse this phrase when they really mean "physical remains."

For an updated overview of the scope of evidence, please refer to the Wikipedia article about bigfoot evidence:

Q:Why haven't we found the remains of a bigfoot that died of natural causes?

A: Because "we" have never looked for these kinds of remains.No serious work has ever been done to look for remains of surviving wood apes in areas where they are rumored to reside. No one should expect remains of such an elusive species to be found, collected and identified without some effort.

Q: How come a hunter hasn't shot one?

A: Because hunters don't hunt for these animals.

Q: Wasn't this all shown to be fake?

A: No The Patterson footage has never been debunked as a hoax. No one has ever demonstrated how it was done. Neither the original "costume," nor a matching costume, has ever been presented by honest skeptics, nor by various imposters who claim to have worn the costume.Large amounts of money have been spent trying to make a matching costume. The best Hollywood costume design talents have been brought to the task, but have never succeeded. The British Broadcasting Corporation spent the most money so far. They failed miserably.

 Q: Do bigfoots climb trees?

A: Bigfoots are, most likely, a primate species. Most primate species spend a lot of time in trees, and all primates (including humans) are partly adapted to climbing in trees. Several credible witnesses have described seeing sasquatches in trees. Often the figures seen in trees were thought to be juvenile sasquatches. As with bears, most sasquatches may be able to climb trees, but they may spend less and less time in trees as they grow older and heavier.

Q: Are they really UFO's/USO's?

A: They have been alot of video to support that they are.

Q: Have you seen a UFO before?

A: Yes I have seen some things in the air that could not be explained.

Q: How big are the UFO's?

A: They come in all different size and shape

Q: Are the UFO's harmful to people?

A: Some types are and others are not

 Q: In what way are they harmful?

A: Well take the two different space crafts that were fighting against one another in Russia the two space craft was fireing upon each other, but one of the craft didn't care what kind of  damage they caused to the city below from the missed shots. So the Russian Air Force stepped in to help the other space craft that was shooting upwards away from the city onto the enemy space craft, they both fired upon the space craft until it was shot down.   

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