Research Of Virginia's Unexplained Anomalies

Established in 2007

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Send us your sighting report using the form below. Please be truthful and as accurate as possible. Sending false reports will result in your post being deleted and you will not be reconsidered for posting again. Thanks

When did this incident occur? Where did it occur?
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Confirmation Question

Once your report has been submitted, it may take some time for a ROVUA investigator or researcher to contact you. Do not be offended or discouraged if no one responds to you immediately--it does not mean your report has been disregarded. Because the ROVUA is a volunteer organization and receives many reports each day,response times can vary and priority is given to the most recent incidents.Eventually all legitimate reports will be checked out. 

If you'd like to ask about the status of a submitted report, please use the Forums page to send in your query. You should refer to your report by the year, county and state of the incident.

If you'd like to offer suggestions or comments about this web site, or have other feedback about the ROVUA please use the  Forums  page  to communicate with us instead of this report form.

If you have already sent in a report and you now need to correct something in that same report, just use the Forums  page to explain where the corrections should be made, and we'll take care of it.