Research Of Virginia's Unexplained Anomalies

Established in 2007



 Here at the  Research Of Virginia's Unexplained Anomalies . We strive on bringing you 100% accurate data and information of sightings located in the state of Virginia and surrounding area's.This web site  has only a fraction of the data that has been documented and collected in the field. We are here to spread the news of the strange  Unexplained Anomalies .That are infact out there, from things like Bigfoot, UFO's, spirits/ghost and other creatures that have been spotted many many times by people just like you. That have came forward and spoken out against all odds regardless of others thinking that they  were crazy.

 Did You Know?

 Descriptions of the sasquatch vary, but the creature is most often described as taller than a human (up to three metres in height), heavily built, and covered in long, thick brown, grey or black hair. It walks both upright and on all fours with a long stride.
The word "sasquatch" comes from the native Salish language and means "wild man" or "hairy man." 
"Sasquatch" is a Canadian term; in the United States the creature is known as " Bigfoot.