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Maurice Whincup's Singapore Visit 2009

Hi Ruck,         


During my last visit to Singapore in 2009 I investigated the site of RAF Chia Keng on behalf of Dick Meale and Derek Lehrle who had served there between 1957 and 59.

Derek provided up to date satellite photos of the area and a map of the station in the '50s. Unfortunately Derek died a few days after I got back home so never got to see the changes that had taken place.

In designing the new Singapore the government followed much of the former road lay-out, though a multi-lane dual carriageway may replace a dirt track. They even preserved many of the larger trees. Street names are also unchanged. This makes it easy to locate places from so long ago.

The public transport system is second to non, armed with a copy of "Singapore Public Transport Map" (Six Singapore Dollars) it is possible to get within a few yards of any place in the island.

I took the MRT (like the tube, but only underground in the city) to Serangoon, Station NE12, then the 103 bus from the terminus just round the corner. It runs along Yio Chu Kang Road to the old Seletar gate. Stop B13 put you almost on the former access road to CK, but now follow the path through the block of flats. At the far side of the flats is a multi-story car park. On the satellite photo Derek sent it showed as a light blue rectangle and he thought it was a swimming pool, it would have been just behind the guardroom. Crossing the road and making my way through more flats I saw not all things had changed, note the washing hung on poles out of the window. a little further on I saw another building with a blue plaque on the side. It was about the position of the main entrance to the receiver hall. Closer inspection revealed it to be the office of the Aljunied Town Council. The staff were interested in the photos I showed them what the place looked like in the 1950's, and said I should take them to the archives and gave me directions but their English and my Chinese  did not compute, After wandering around for a while, and calling in on the town police station I didn't find it so I called it a day and set off back to the bus stop. The Imam of a mosque I had passed a couple of times saw the state I was in and invited me in to rest and have a drink of water. He was pleased I was able to greet him with " Salam Alakum". Across the road from the council office, in what would have been the aerial farm, were two Chinese temples, a cafe and a number of shops then more and more flats. I later discovered that the archives were in fact miles away in the City.

Maurice Whincup's Photo's- RAF CK- 2009

Maurice Whincup's photo's to go along with his above description can be found on the Extra Site Photo's Page.


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