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April 22nd 2009

For those of you that don't know, I have the unenviable task of advising that my good friend Derek Lehrle, who owns the RAF Chia Keng website, passed away from a sudden heart attack in early April, while out walking near his home
at Te Aroha, New Zealand.

I can lay claim to encouraging Derek to set up his site and to make it a meeting place for those who served at this RAF Signals Station until it closed down in 1971.

As this website forms part of the Royal Air Force history of service in the Far East, it must be maintained, as much as a tribute to Derek as it's founder, but also to all those who served there.

Derek's wife Pam and son Robin have given approval for the site to continue, but it would make sense for the webmaster to have some knowledge of Chia Keng and/or
the Signals trade.

I am going to monitor Derek's guest-book in the short term but will be actively seeking someone who may have been a friend of Derek's and who
also served at RAF Chia Keng. Obviously I have no knowledge of the Station or the Signals Trade.

Basically, the site is already fully mature, but the Guest-Book would need monitoring periodically. If any new photos or "experiences" come to hand they can be added in.
I am quite willing to assist the "new webmaster" with any help required.
I have my own site on Webs and am quite conversant with all the intricacies.

Jim Aitken
Acting Webmaster-RAF Chia Keng

April 24th 2009

Ruck Nicholls has offered to host this site.

Ruck was at RAF Chia Keng during Derek's time
and will be conversant with all that took
place there.

Ruck lives in California, having retired from his
"globetrotting" job in 2007.

I will be in the background, lending a hand when necessary,
until Ruck has a firm hold on the reins!

I am convinced that Derek would be delighted that
his old comrade has come forward to ensure the site continues
to bring together those who served at Chia Keng.

Welcome Ruck

Jim Aitken

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