Hello Everyone-

My name is Ruck Nicholls-

I am sure everyone is as shocked as I am over the sudden passing of Derek.

I served on Chia Keng both CK1 and CK2-May 1958 thru December 1959. Derek also served on Chia Keng during my stay.

Pam and Robin Lehrle have graciously  accepted my offer of assisting in the continuation of Derek's valuable web site in bringing together RAF compadres who had served on RAF Chia Keng.

I know there are many CK compadres out there that have never come forward-perhaps thru passing on, or ailing or maybe they are just not computerized?

I do hope I can live up to and fulfill Derek's quest of bringing and keeping ex-CK personnel in contact. 


If you would like a response to your entry here, please leave your email address in the body of your entry. Try to disguise the address by using "at" instead of @

and "dot"  instead of  .

If you have any photos or "stories" concerning CK1 or CK2

I would be pleased to incorporate them into the site.

Photos need to be in JPG format.

I will be monitoring the guestbook frequently but please allow

some time for "real life" to take over !!



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Reply Ruck Nicholls
10:09 AM on September 13, 2017 

Hi Steve, Thanks for your posting-Sorry for my tardy reply-I have had visitors in from the UK. From the Units history, was the RAF still their during your period-only it appears the Aus/NZ Units took over? What branch of the Aus. service were you with? I worked at CK2 with Aus. Army Signals personnel during my stay. In fact I kept in touch with Aus. Rex Wiggins over the years till he passed a couple of years back. I went back to Singapore several time on business-Where CK1/CK2 stood was now high rise apartment blocks. As Bob Dylan once wrote, "Time's are a changing"! Thank you for your invite to your reunion-however, I will pass! Again, thanks for your input-Kindest regards, Ruck

Reply Steve Fuller
10:29 PM on September 10, 2017 
I have been fascinated by the detail contained in this website and the 3Telu one as well. I arrived at CK2 in 1969 as part of 121 Signal Squadron so it is well after your time there. The photographs bring back many memories of my time working in the technical workshops we had there. Also located there was our admin office and OC's office as well as the Quartermasters Store and transport compound. My wife worked a receptionist in the Headquarter building which was the one in front of the driveway. We are going back for a reunion next month if you are interested. Regards, Steve
Reply Ruck Nicholls
8:48 AM on May 30, 2017 

Hi Alan-Thanks for your input-We have to agree with you-there are so many names and faces that have never showed up on this website? However, we are happy you came back and now you are on file for the record! Let's hope someone from your time period sees your name in cyberspace and checks on you. This site is affiliated with the RAF Changi website-I have teamed up with people from my time period thru their website. Give it a whirl-Regards, Ruck

7:29 PM on May 29, 2017 

Served at CK1  1962-65......Posted a few comments in about 2000 saying we had a football pitch across the road from the Generator room and a tennis court  in the field behind the ablutions.I played football for Commcen Changi and GCHQ at Seletar ,also RAF Singapore on a few occasions and Joint Services Singapore in the national stadium.I only recognise a few names on here because it's mainly pre 62..Jock Lockray and Paddy McCracken spring to mind and Paddy's daughter e-mailed me about 2006 to tell me Paddy had died. A jock replaced Paddy in the kitchen..a great time had by all at CK1.Have been in touch recently  with another friend from my time there,Geoff Spence from Kent ,and had a telephone conversation with Mick Lyons, who lives in Sandbach..I wish more from my time there used the posts from years ago are no longer on the site unfortunately.Good health and happiness everyone

Reply Ng Ai Zhen
9:15 AM on May 13, 2017 

Thank you so much for your generosity. Yes, I'll surely credit the pictures to Derek Lehrle's RAF Chia Keng website.  

Reply Ruck Nicholls
10:09 AM on May 2, 2017 

Hello Mr. Zhen-You have our permission to exhibit the subject pictures you listed. Do ensure the credit for the pictures and copyright are given to the late Derek Lehrle's RAF Chia Keng website for your exhibition. We are pleased that you will be able to show some area history to the local residents-For us "old timers" we are just pleased that this era, thru pictures, is still available and documented.

Kindest regards, Ruck Nicholls


Reply Ng Ai Zhen
1:22 AM on May 2, 2017 

Dear Mr Nicholls,

I am a volunteer of Bless Community Services (BCS), and we are having a 'Family Day' on the 20 May 2017. Residents living in Serangoon are welcome to join us for free games, food, and workshops etc, as well as, an exhibition reminiscing the good old days of the Serangoon area. As such, we hope to reproduce a few of the photos featured on your site. We will definitely credit the late Mr Lehrle, and feature them only with your approval.

We hope to display the following photos:
“Extra site photos” -> “bobs 1960tys photoes”

  1. Photo 1 of 19 (road leading to RAF)
  2. Photo 2 of 19 (building exterior)
  3. Photo 8 of 19 (living quarters)
  4. Photo 19 of 19 (local shops)


“Places around Chia Keng”

  1. Photo 1 of 16 (bus)
  2. Photo 4 of 16 (plantations around RAF)
  3. Photo 6 of 16 (old time transport)
  4. Photo 8 of 16 (drinks peddler)
  5. Photo 11 of 16 (rubber plantation)
  6. Photo 13 of 16 (attap house)


“Local scenes”

  1. Photo 5 of 6 (local string small time business)


Reply Ruck Nicholls
10:29 AM on February 16, 2017 

Hi Kuet-Thanks for checking us out! I did check out your Singapore link and it is the first time I have seen the Archive photos-I do remember we got Derek's widow Pam Lehrle to give her permission to OK the photos for the Archive. She was all for the project! Again, thank you for saying hello! Kindest regards, Ruck 

Reply Kuet
10:00 PM on February 15, 2017 

Hi Ruck,

Excellent website! This's my 1st visit and really enjoy the read.. 

In case you are not awrae, there are 363 Derek's photo in National Archives Singapore. Check out this link



Reply len eaton
5:43 AM on December 15, 2016 

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