Roperti's Turkey Farm

34700 Five Mile Rd. Livonia, Michigan


It is with great sadness that I must share two losses to our Turkey Farm Family. Both gone too soon.

Jason Kowalski and Tim Olds were both like sons to me, and sadly we lost them both in 2009.


Jason Kowalski died when he was just 40. He was friends with my sons, Tony and Tommy, since junior high school.


Not only a longtime and dependable employee, Jason was a good friend. He had just started a new business and was doing well, when he came down with a flu bug that wore him down, until succumbing on April 20, 2009.


Thanksgiving will not be the same without him – I looked forward to his help and smile every year, and we will all miss him.





Farewell Friend

Tim Olds was like another son to me, too. Also friends with my sons, I can see them as clearly today as when I watched them riding their bikes all over the neighborhood, and any where bikes could go when they were young teenagers. He even went camping with us up North.

Tim started working at Roperti’s when he was 20 – a very good employee, both fast and through.  I depended on him a lot, and he was always there for me, even after he got sick. Tim began having dialysis treatements 3 times a week, but was always there for anyone that needed him.

Tim is survived by his wife Marge and 8-year-old daughter Rebecca. Tim brought his family over in the fall to pick corn and hunt for turkey eggs. Tim enjoyed eating the corn raw, right there in the field the second he picked it. His daughter likes it that way too. They were planning on coming over the day he died.


Tim was a good man, and great father, and I will always keep up the corn picking tradition with Marge and Rebecca in his honor. Tim you are missed and never forgotten.

Tim Olds                    
September 8, 1966 - August 21, 2009

Rest in peace to two good men and friends.

Farewell to Our Dear Friend, Tony

March 2006

This Thanksgiving season will be sad for our family, friends, and crew that help me get my turkeys processed for Thanksgiving.  My dear friend Tony D'Andrea was killed in March while crossing the street to go fishing in Florida.  Thanksgiving will never be the same for me. 

When Tony was 18 years old, his dad worked for my dad.  We always needed help dressing turkeys. So Mr. D'Andrea brought two of his sons, Tony and Sam, to help us at Thanksgiving.  That was 1956.  From that year on he always came to work for us and never missed a season for 50 years.

What a wonderful man he was, so loyal and always there to help.  After my dad died and I took over the business, I depended on Tony a lot.  He was always my head dresser and when things went wrong, or something broke down, he was always there to help or repair whatever needed it.  Tony was like a brother that was there every year.  He made my life so much easier.  I will never forget Tony and his family.  He was 68 years old and loved by so many people.  We will miss him and his blue vest. 

I have about 40 wonderful people that come from all over and are always there to help.  They are like family, my Thanksgiving family, and all very dear.