Roperti's Turkey Farm

34700 Five Mile Rd. Livonia, Michigan

You Bought Fresh - Now Don't Overcook!

Roperti turkeys don't take long to cook because of their natural juices.

I like to rub the turkey with olive oil and season inside and out with salt and pepper, maybe some garlic and herbs. Instead of traditional stuffing, I love the freshness of stuffing with apples or oranges or even celery and onions.

Then add one cup of water and cover with the roaster lid or tightly sealed aluminum foil.

Start at 400 degrees for one hour, then turn down to 350 degrees for the remaining time noted below.

Remove lid or aluminum foil hour before done to brown. You can also cook at 325 degrees for about 1 hours longer than the entire time.

Because these young turkeys have been eating corn, you can cook them any way you want them. JUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER COOK . Subtract 2-3lbs. (allowing for the neck, gizzard & liver) from turkey weight to determine cooking time. REMEMBER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BASTE! The following time suggestions are a guideline - use our free pop-up timers and check frequently toward the end of cooking time. 







 14-16 lbs  1 to 2 hours  2 to 3 hours
 17-19 lbs  2 to 3 hours  3 to 4 hours
 20-22 lbs  3 to 4 hours  4 to 5 hours
 23-26 lbs  4 to 5 hours  5 to 6 hours
 27-30 lbs  5 to 6 hours  6 to 7 hours

One last thing - ENJOY!