Ronaldo British Shorthair Cats

Specialized Breeder of Black Silver Classic Tabbies & Black Silver Spotted Tabbies


Hello and Welcome to my Web Site

My name is Jack Panting and I live in Northampton. My interest in the feline world began back in 1995, whilst living in Kent. It was at this time I was introduced to Ursula Graves, who allowed me to own my first British Black Silver Spottie ( Pr Sargenta Silver Mantra ). And thus introduced me to the world of Cat Shows. After showing him with great sucess I decided that this hobby had captured my interest.  I really would like to thank Ursula Graves, she has been an inspiration with her vast experience and willingness to share advice when needed. It was with her guidance that i was able to start my own lines.

My prefix RONALDO is registered with the GCCF and we are members of The Tabby Cat Club

I hope you enjoy meeting my cats, I am always available for advice and you are more than welcome to contact me on or my mobile 0771 531 7785


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