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MG-Roewe Concepts

While I could write a little piece about every car here, SIAC sticks fairy firmly to the policy of making concepts that preview (and strongly resemble) forthcoming models, so Iíd be saying the same thing on repeat, so, enjoy the gallery.

MG concept5 (2011)

MG Zero (2010)

Roewe N1(2009)

MG5 (2007)

Roewe W2 (2007)

MG concept5

Hopefully the MG5 shown at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show will have more success than the one shown 4 years previous (hasnít MG come a long way since then), this car previews the MG5, which will be based on the Roewe 350. Cars have been seen testing, but the production version has yet to be revealed, expect many similarities with the concept you see here.

MG Zero

Shown at Beijing 2010, the same time as the 350 was launched, it previewed the MG3 which was launched later the same year at Guangzhou.

Roewe N1

Shown at April 2009 Shanghai Auto Show, it previewed the Roewe 350, which was launched a year later at Beijing.


Also at the Shanghai Show in 2007 was the MG5 shown by NAC, this appeared to be a Lonbridge manufactured model with no changes whatsoever. Rumour had it that NAC were in talks with Honda who own the IP for the MGZS, but the talks fell through. The car never saw production in China.

Roewe W2

Shown at the April 2007 Shanghai Auto Show, preceded the 550 launch by 14 months.