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What up?  I thank you for stopping by. 

I’m not what you call your ‘normal’ novelist by any means of the word.  I never had any dreams of becoming a writer when I was growing up, but always had a fascination with the paranormal.  I began watching scary movies from the time that I can even remember watching movies, and found myself playing in cemeteries every since I was big enough to be out at night on my own.  My life story goes like this… I dropped out of school before the tenth grade got started good, married, had two little girls, losing one in her sleep when she was four months old, divorced, and all before I hit twenty.  I remarried a few years later, raising my daughter and living happily with a very special person for the next twenty-seven years. I now write full time and spend all the free time that I can with my two beautiful grand-daughters.

I began writing seven and a half years ago, six months after the birth of my first grand-baby.  I was there holding my daughter's hand when that tiny little girl was born.  I bent down when they laid her on her mommy’s belly and kissed her little mouth, knowing that she had just changed my life in more ways than can ever be explained in words.  I took a few tablets to my stomping grounds in Burkett, Texas, and began scribbling out my first novel.  I had no clue how to type, spell, and had very little knowledge of proper grammar, but four months later... I had a complete novel; the beginning of a five book series that is now one book away from being complete. My fanged babies, my Bloodbreeders!  I have since learned a bit about the skills of a writer and now have 20 books under my belt with a basket load of short horror stories.   Many of my reads are from the paranormal world, flowing from vampires to werewolves, right into the strange world of the doppleganger.

I think since I have become a writer that one of my main goals is to become the next female version of the late, great Alfred Hitchcock.  I wrote a book of short horror stories thinking of him, because to me... there will never be anyone that thought anywhere near the way he did when it came to true horror.  I just think he was a little loopy, but who am I to talk?  I’m just a long haired tree hugger, who plays in haunted houses and the oldest, scariest cemeteries that I can  

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and even better night… and by all means… Rock On!!!  Big Hugs~

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