Roadside Work

 Tuesday 22 September 2009


This wheel chair ramp is wrong.


Outside 55 Kings Drive, Tiro Tiro Road Corner, Levin.

The ramp is the full width of the footpath, on a tight corner and slight rise. The footpath and ramp are combined. They shouldn't be. It's a breach of the Horowhenua District Council Roading Plan. Elderly walkers and three wheeled scooter chairs have come to grief here. The correct design is for the pram and electric wheel chair ramp to be separate from the footpath. The remedy is to dig out the adjacent sloping bank and construct a contoured, concrete, retaining wall. The footpath would then be widened from the ramp, to give a smooth, even, full width surface to the wall. 


Below Before the ramp, the footpath slopes towards the gutter by 30mm, over it's width.

Below The combined ramp part of the footpath, slopes down 140mm, in it's 1400mm width.

Below The ramp edge is 85mmm lower, than if the footpath was flat.

Below The board shows where a 300mm high, straight, contoured, concrete wall should go. A footpath would be poured to it.

Below The level board shows a 300mm rise, 1400mm back into the slope.