Roadside Work










Concrete steps, with stainless steel handrails to 

directly join Palliser Road with Lookout Road

on Mount Victoria / Matairangi 

above Oriental Bay



Wellington City, North Island

New Zealand



  Mount Victoria, Wellington, World  Peace Theme Staircase, ePetition 



The ePetiton asks for concrete stairs to speed walking from Oriental Bay to the summit of Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand. International Peace symbols to go on many spaced rest seats beside Peace Poles.

2 Where

Between Palliser Road and Lookout Road. 

3 Who

For the general public, of all ages, for leisurely walking, jogging and very fit peoples' fitness test.

4 Why

To allow lunch hour joggers to reach the summit in fifteen minutes from Oriental Bay. 

5 When

A pilot set of wood and gravel steps would show how a concrete version would be ideal. Completed as soon as possible.

6 How

From strong public interest, leading to a survey and plan of the site, for a Wellington City Council decision to build it. 

7 Which

Safety first from planning, to it being finished and in service. Night lighting on poles beside the stairs. 



Saturday 7 December 2013 

Wellington City Council ePetiton, to 3 March 2014, for suggested staircase 

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Below Mount Victoria summit before Lookout Road was extended to the cuttings below the new lookout.

 The boat harbour & Mount Victoria, Wellington, N.Z..




Below  Similar Mount Victoria Summit steps design for a, seventy-nine metre vertical distance

incline assent, Palliser Road to Lookout Road concrete staircase,

covering one hundred and seventy metres of linear

travel.  "A Stairway To Heaven" 

31 December 2010 photos 

Below The route to Lookout Road from Palliser Road, above the vehicle, which begins left of the garage

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Contents via scroll down

1. Walk shortener between Mount Victoria Lookout and Oriental Bay

2. Key Points 

3. The first stage of the route to the summit

4. The second stage of the route to the summit 

5. The 196 metre Summit

6. The Staircase Design

7. The staircase slope seen from the wooden trig station 

8. Action plan from measurements

9. Wellington has many public staircases

10. Other long staircases

11. Peace Pole markers and symbols beside envisaged staircase

12. Success with loose fence strengthening 



1. The staircase would greatly shorten the walk, to the 

Mount Victoria lookout from Oriental Parade 

via Hay Street, Telford Terrace and

Palliser Road with sealed

pavement and steps

all of the way.


Below  Palliser Road to Lookout Road, suggested staircase route, drawn with arrow. Lookout Road is not labelled.

 It's beside Robieson Street. The Palliser Road to Lookout Road entry is 105 metres above sea-level.

The summit lookout is 196 metres high. Lookout Road is about 10 metres

below the summit lookout. The staircase would

ascend  79 metres to the road    





Map   ....    Living Streets Aotearoa pdf map showing current walking tracks in the "Lunchtime Walks" brochure

Click >

Would you kindly please like to take a straight line from Hay Street to Lookout Road, beside Robieson Street. It starts as (5) in brown, from Hay Street.  On this route, between Palliser and Lookout Roads, the current walking track is shown in white and blue and takes a long and devious route in the direction of the city centre and then back up to Lookout Road. The suggested concrete steps would give a much shorter route from Palliser Road to Lookout Road, between the green area and Robieson Street in the pdf.

Below A photo from this brochure's map. It's marked to show the suggested staircase as (B) to summit (D).  The current reasonable walking route from Oriental Bay to the summit, is the (C) dotted line. It shows (A) of it, as the very indirect, though scenic, section of the route to the summit, which the suggested staircase would bypass. The suggested staircase route (B) from Palliser Road to Lookout Road is about five and a half times shorter than the dotted line section marked as (A). (From a map measurement)




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2. Key Points


1.The suggested steps would allow lunchtime joggers and fast walkers to easily and safely reach the summit from Oriental Bay.

2.The current tracks are very beautiful and give a wonderful natural environment experience with city and harbour views. Nevertheless, they do not offer the best route to the summit from Oriental Bay on a shortest time, safety and convenience basis.

3. It would make walking from Oriental Bay to the summit lookout, a "must-do" activity for healthy people, in street shoes. Rest seats at intervals beside the staircase would feature the International Peace Symbol and have Peace Poles beside them.

4.The current clay track, up from Palliser Road, is not suitable for those seeking a city footpath experience. It's unsuitable to all in rain.

5. The Palliser Road crossing point, at the top of the sealed path, from Hay Street, to the start of the current metalled rustic steps,  gives good visibility of vehicles, in both directions, for pedestrians. Extreme care is still needed when crossing this fairly busy road.

6. A level area, with a handrailed barrier fence, would be formed beside Lookout Road, at the top of the staircase, for pedestrians to safely pause before crossing the road to the carpark  footpath. The same would apply at the bottom of the staircase, onto Palliser Road, to prevent walkers form suddenly streaming onto the road when in a group..

Above and Below  Mount Victoria / Matairangi and its summit lookout platform or Tangi Te Keo 

Above The old Band Rotunda at Oriental Parade, with the Fisheman's Table Restaurant and Oriental Bay's sandy beach.


3. The First Stage Of The Route To The Summit


Below Hay Street opposite the Band Rotunda shown above.

Above Hay Street, looking down to the Band Rotunda and beach side restaurant.

Below Turn left at Telford Terrace for the sealed path. The park to the right has an extremely steep dirt track from it.

Below Telford Terrace

Below Telford Terrace entry to the sealed path to Palliser Road.

Below Junction and sign post about 50 metres up from Telford Terrace. Proceed upwards.


Below The bottom inscription on the post says "To Palliser Rd, Mt. Victoria Lookout" 


Below The Carter Memorial Fountain and container terminal behind, from one hundred metres beyond Telford Terrace and passed the labelled brown sign post.

Below The end of the sealed path from Telford Terrace to Palliser Road.


4. The Second Stage Of the Route To The Summit 

Where the suggested steps would replace the current gradual incline track. 

Below The track up to Lookout Road starts left of the garage. It's very indirect, has a hairpin shaped

route and is mostly quite  rough underfoot. Extreme care is needed when crossing the fairly busy Palliser Road.

Watch out for fast and silent downhill cyclists too.

Below The top of the track from Palliser Road, onto Lookout Road and the handrailed viewing platform on the skyline.


5. The 196 metre Summit 


Below Wellington City, Te Papa The Museum of New Zealand and the Inner Harbour. The glint on water is a reflection from a high rise's tinted glass.

Below The Hutt Valley and Tararua Mountains, with cloud, beyond. An earlier, table-like lookout is above the far right rail post.

Below The Rimutaka Mountain Range with 940 metre Mount Mattews to the left

Below Wellington Airport and Evans Bay to the left. Moa Point is above the larger white airport building.  Click>  

A potential ten metre revolving International Peace Symbol site, is above the road near WW2 observation buildings.

Below Lyall Bay, Newtown and Island Bay

Below The circular Basin Reserve with Brooklyn suburb behind. Pohutakawa "Christmas Trees" in crimson bloom.

Below The Admiral Richard E. Byrd, "continent of peace", Antarctica Memorial, old noon time-signal cannon, staircase and  exquisite Maori carving.

Below Admiral Richard E. Byrd Memorial in line with the South Pole

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Antarctic Treaty ....  4.         5.

Below Noon time signal cannon that was used from 1877 to 1900 

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Below Carved post or Pou

1.  Wikipedia   2. Carved Maori Pole in a UK Garden, WCC news 

3.  Maori art pole new Parliament Buildings Wellington

4.!/2010/11/new-zealand-garden-in-harrogate-15.html  Carved Maori pole in a UK garden, UK news

5.  News item on Mount Victoria summit upgrade opening

6. Kindly please see item 6 in the brochure.

7. Red marker poles

8. Red pole at Tarakena Bay near the Attaturk Memorial.


6. The Staircase Design 


Below Staircase details. Kindly please note the halfway resting seat to the side, on a separate section of pathway.

Both sides of the suggested staircase would have closed balustrades under the handrails, unlike those below with one being open.


7. The Staircase Slope Seen From The Wooden Trig Station


Below Two photos to show the ngaio tree filled slope on which could be built the flight of wide concrete steps, with stainless steel handrails, resting landings and a halfway seat or more to one side. The trees would be left in place, with the staircase passing under them. Trees that might be in the way would be moved where possible. The staircase could take a slightly curving route to avoid other notable  trees.

A bulldozer track in the early 1970's, was used by the author for a fast walking and jogging route to Oriental Bay, from Lookout Road to Palliser Road. It was possibly for pipe work. The ngaio trees were planted after that.


Below Line of suggested staircase, with Oriental Bay directly below the tall residential building on the corner of Hay Street


Below Views from the trig station frame, beside the communications transmission tower

Below Mount Kau Kau TV tower, far right, above the Picton ferry terminal and the Westpac Stadium beyond the container terminal and log export piles.

Below Lawn at the top of the pathway at Palliser Road, from Telford Terrace

and suggested staircase route under the ngaio trees.

Below Lawn and pathway from Telford Terrace at Palliser Road.

Below A cool swim and a relax on Oriental Bay beach completes a good hill walk




8. Action Plan From Measurements


The next step towards actioning the suggestion is for the benefits of the idea to be widely appreciated by residents and visitors, so that a formal proposal can be discussed by the Wellington City Council. This includes the citizens' ePetition now open for signatures.

Reports from engineers, architects and surveyors would come before a formal invitation to potential sponsors. A theme could be Wellington's continued enthusiastic Nuclear Weapons Free advocacy, from the 1970's. The steps could have International Peace Symbols cast in the risers of the steps and feature mosaics like the Antoni Gaudi Park in Barcelona Spain.  



Below Readings in metres on SIVA ALBA windwatch altimeter from the Palliser Road (0 Metres) and Lookout Road (79 Metres) path exits.   ....  Details on altimeter device, via links below.

Click >>    Data sheet (Please use secondary link)    User manual   New model

Above The same sign in the two photos above, except that the lower, December 2010, photo is without the December 2013 extra yellow warning sign in the upper photo.  


9. Wellington Has Many Public Staircases 


A Forty-four Metre High Staircase In Strathmore Park In Comparison 

Like the seventy-nine metre high, suggested summit lookout staircase shown above, there could be sections of sixteen steps to each landing as shown below. This sort of arrangement is fairly common in Wellington, such as with this one hundred and twelve metre long, forty-four metre high staircase, between Elphinstone Avenue and Tannadyce Street, in Strathmore Park. 

Below  Elphinstone Avenue to Tannadyce Street staircase with sixteen steps between landings and wooden handrails, plus half round glazed ceramic gutters on one side.



Below From Google Street View and Maps




From Google Street View and Maps 

Click >>  For the map. Please type in:-   Elphinstone Avenue, Wellington

A line below marks the staircase under the trees, between Elphinstone Avenue and Tannadyce Street. 


10. Other Long Staircases


(A) Below Cape Palliser Light House, 250 steps, wooden staircase 

South eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand.   Technical data  Kindly please note comment on steps benefit.

 Cape Palliser - Rocky Pt Light House  .......   above photo

 The longest staircase ever  ......   above photo

 250 Steps Down   .....  above photo


(B) Below Jacobs Ladder, St Helena Island, mid Atlantic Ocean.

1829 vintage, cable wagon way incline, converted to steps in 1871. It's the 183 metre high by 275 metres long, Jacobs Ladder of 699 over-sized steps, above James Bay, Jamestown, St Helena Island, Atlantic Ocean. 

1.   Saint Helena Island

2.,_Saint_Helena  Jamestown, Saint Helena's capital

3.  You Tube of an 8 minute walker

4.  A happy well narrated video with a boat lift too

5.   An inspired climber video

6.  Good stills video

7.  Stills video of Jacobs Ladder with wild nature and settlements after

8. A challenged happy couple who climbed it


 File:Jamestown Jacobs Ladder.jpg  ....   for above photo 

Kindly please note the white electric light fittings along each side. 

Below Yearly timed competition. Four minutes is the record. 

Click >>>  .....   Old photos

Click >>>  .....   



(C) Below  San Francisco 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project







11. Peace Pole Markers and symbols Beside Envisaged Staircase. 


Peace Poles, of the International Peace Prayer Society, could mark the division of the flights of stairs into sections, for a better feeling of progress towards the top. The sections could have resting seats and feature inscriptions of the International Peace Symbol to emphasise Wellington's leadership in the pathway towards the abolition of nuclear weapons.

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Compiled by M.R. Tingey


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May Peace Prevail On Earth

Compiled mainly on Monday 24 December 2012 and updated Friday 6 December 2013. 

Photos taken on Friday 31 December 2010

Powerfully Gentle



12. Success with loose fence strengthening


Update 6 December 2013. Author looked at site. It's been admirably secured with two 12 mm diameter stainless steel concrete anchor bolts. The broken paling is also repaired.



Lose green fence


Moeller Street (Leads to Palliser Road)



Photos taken on 31 December 2010

Unchecked by the author since then.



Green fence needs properly securing to apartment wall.

Also, a 100mm x 50mm, on it's flat, with a well bevelled front edge, is needed on the top rail.


Kindly Please See Google Maps (Click and drag street view yellow man)

Click >,174.791029&spn=0.001264,0.002162&z=19


The top of the vertical 100mm x 50mm, vitally needs securing to the wall.

100mm x 50mm, on it's flat, with a well bevelled front edge, is needed on the top rail.