Roadside Work

Replacement Kawiu Road  Arrow Sign Required.

195 Kawiu Road, South Sharp Bend, Levin.

♦ Many south bound vehicles end up in the creek because drivers don't always realise that there's a sharp corner.

♦ A neighbour described that in the ten years that she has lived by the corner, four vehicles have failed to take the bend at night and crossed the centre line into the creek.

♦ Only one arrow sign is visible at the 70 kph southbound sign, where slowing down may be needed. Two signs need to be again seen, as with north bound traffic, but are needed more for descending southbound vehicles on the tighter side of the curve.  

♦ The missing signs post stumps are visible and the damaged sign is still in the long grass where it was shunted in the collision last year or earlier.

♦ The replacement sign needs to be like the last one replaced nearby on three galvanised pipe legs that shows in both directions.

 The photo below shows the arrow sign before it was demolished.               Now demolished arrow sign.

Below Missing sign site marked with a white pick handle 29/4/2009    

Below Two post stumps from arrow sign and it lying damaged in long grass.

Below Southbound lane with only one arrow sign visible, but would be hidden by a vehicle in front.

The demolished arrow sign needs to be reinstated forthwith for strong safety reasons.

Below Location of demolished arrow sign's post stumps.