Roadside Work

Makahika River Treasure, Below Gladstone Road, Ohau Valley, East of Levin, North Island,  New Zealand.

Part of Gladstone Road dropped away into the Makahika River in December 2010.

The missing section of road has a temporary orange plastic fence around it. Concrete blocks have been placed in the river below it. They severely negatively intrude into the beauty of the area.  Removal is required by 1 May 2012, under the Horizons Regional Council consent. Nevertheless, they should be removed immediately because they are unnecessary for protection of the bedrock river bank. They could topple if the river scours a hole, as often happens. They're thus a poor method of providing a foundation for the repair of the road above. The blocks remove the pristine nature of the area for photography and visitor appreciation.

A hidden concrete wall can be poured on site above the river, which would lock into the bedrock either side of the slip, via galvanised pins that are grouted into holes. This would permanently hold the slope below the main tie back wall that would hold the road. However, it doesnt seem necessary to have a slope holding wall, since before the collapse, the slope held well.   Please see "Gladstone Rope Rust all" in the top navigation bar for a recent history of the site with photos of the river before the blocks and after the collapse, plus photos of the site before the collapse. A black triangle on the steel crash barrier gives the location before and after the collapse.

Update 22 June 2011. The map below, with brass nail marker, has been used since 2009 by the author, Richard Tingey. He has now realised that the brass nail doesn't mark the right location on the map below. It is an error which is regretted. The photos at the site, however, are adequate for those who are interested. The site is actually to the right and beside the  -59-  on the map, which is to the right of the brass nail.

1. Below.  Makahika River. This photo is taken from the hairpin bend in the river.

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July 2009 and December 2010 at the site on Gladstone Road, east of Levin.