Roadside Work

Summary of reasons to immediatly strengthen a double Gladstone Road retaining wall, east of Levin.


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 1A busy lifestyle block road that's the route to Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre for bus loads of children on their class trips.
 2The writer, Richard Tingey, has biked on the road for over 25 years. He saw the older and newer walls' installation details.
 3The writer informed the 1980's Council of the undermined older wall that's now hidden by the four metre high newer one. 
 4The newer wall is held by a top wire rope to the bank, in front of the older wall. It's a unique, Gladstone Road, double wall. 
 5The older wall is held by hidden, possibly badly weakened, galvanised wire ropes, to dead man anchors back in the road. 
 6No wire ropes hold the outer wall's rail line posts, midway down, as on other walls. It's only held by a rusted top wire rope. 
 7The outer wall's side rail line posts may support most of the wall, if the top wire rope broke but their holding soil may slip.  
 8There's no way to prove that the rusty, top wire rope is crucial to holding the wall without high risk. Ropes' insides rust first.
 9The rusty steel wire rope, clearly shown since 27 July 2009, hints at gross neglegence of Horowhenua District Council staff. 
10Emails, with website, to Horowhenua District Council Staff, CEO & Mayor. Handwritten  letter to CEO has no reply at 2/9/09.
11The writer's motivation is safe bus loads of children going from the Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre. Busses aren't rusty.